Be Careful What You Wish For!

First off, I want to thank you guys SO much for all the birthday wishes
on Monday’s post!

I also want to take a minute to rally all those willing to join my backward aging movement…though I’m thinking once we hit eighteen, we can make our way back up, so I guess it’ll be more like yo-yo dieting aging! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had a great birthday weekend and I couldn’t WAIT to share it with you guys, but what could wait was how it got started…

Remember how I mentioned in my last Currently post that I really needed a week off from work? Well, last Wednesday, I got just that, only things didn’t pan out quite like how I’d envisioned…

I am indifferent cat meme[source]

Yep, at the ripe hour of 1pm (equivalent to 3am for you day-walkers), I awoke with the feeling that all my insides wanted to come OUTSIDE!

I’m not sure if it was something I ate at work the night before (I DID venture into the cafeteria for a little something) or if it was the bug that’s been going around here, but after a couple of hours of lying in the bathroom floor praying a priest would come exorcise whatever demon had taken up residence in my stomach, I gave up and called in sick to work. I can seriously count on ONE hand the number of times I’ve called out sick in the six years that I’ve worked at the hospital so yeah, this was a big deal!

I popped anti-nausea tablets like they were candy. I sleptย rolled around in bed since it felt like my arms and legs were literally being crushed by the blankets. I called my mom. I walked around the house and whimpered,


With a can of LaCroix constantly glued to my hand, I somehow managed to make it through the day, and as far as food goes? Well, that was the LAST thing on my mind! Actually, besides some single pieces of purposefully burnt toast, I didn’t eat a full-fledged meal until Thursday afternoon and even then, it took me a good two hours to finish!

Banana Eggs & Toast

Since I wasn’t miraculously being healed and I sure as hell wasn’t sleeping, I thought I’d catch up on some blog reading, but unfortunately, that lasted a whole five minutes since I realized the sight of food make my stomach tremble and I didn’t even have enough energy to click the mouse!ย So instead, I pulled up Netflix and clicked on the first thing in the “Top Picks for Heather” and as it turns out, Netflix knows me pretty well! ๐Ÿ˜€

The Carrie Diaries - Netflix


Has anyone else seen this yet? I’ve never been a HUGE Sex & the City fan, but since I’ve already made it through nine of the thirteen episodes in season one, I think it’s safe to say I’m diggin’ this little prequel!

And seriously, how gorgeous is young Carrie Bradshaw?!

So yeah, out of five and a half days off surrounding the day of my birth, a third of them was spent carving an indention of my body into my couch, a third was spent carving an indention into the MAN-FRIEND’S couch, and a third was finally spent celebrating my birthday…good thing I made the most of it with that trip to Costco, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh and just FYI, before I was out for six weeks after my knee surgery, I “wished” I could have a month off…seriously, will I ever learn?! Lol!

What is your go-to sick food?
Is it just me or do scrambled eggs just scream “GET WELL SOON!”? But can you believe Tiger never ONCE offered to make me chicken noodle soup?!

What have you been watching lately?
I also managed to make it to the movies with the man-friend Friday night (funnily enough after going to Panera for some chicken noodle soup) to see Catching Fire! While I was NOT a fan of the first movie, I thought this one was great…definitely go see it if you haven’t already!

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32 Responses to Be Careful What You Wish For!

  1. Marina says:

    I am glad that you at last recovered because I missed your photos and jokes a little… You one of my favourite bloggers ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Wow, I too adore these series! I looked at the first season for a long time and now I wait each new series of the second season ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like the baby Bradshaw and her clothes. Seriously, I can receive the same stylist? It looks fashionably, despite a difference advanced in years here and then.

  2. OH NO! You poor thing!! I’ll be honest, eggs sound like the worst thing when I’m not feeling well (HAHA!)โ€ฆI was always an oatmeal or cream of wheat girl when I wasn’t feeling well.

  3. That sucks ๐Ÿ™ Why does it always have to happen like that??! Glad you’re feeling better.

    My go-to sick food is definitely toast with butter. Even when I’m nauseous I could eat endless amounts of bread.

  4. Lee says:

    Jason makes fun of me, but I totally watch that show too.

  5. Awww I hope you’re feeling better! That’s also in my recommended Netflix but I wasn’t sure if I’d find it annoying or not… guess I’ll have to check it out!

  6. Kat says:

    Oh man girl so sorry to hear this!! Nausea is literally the WORST. Id much rather have a sore throat or some crazy cough!
    As for foods that make me feel better…I’d have to say soup. There is just so stinking comforting about it. I also do the plain toast thing though. Or saltines!

  7. Nausea sickness is my least favorite kind of sickness… not that I really like any kind of sick. I’m so sorry you were sick around your birthday! Glad you’re feeling better though. Lately I have been watching a lot of random things, but my friend and I were recently watching reruns of The Office on Netflix. It’s one of my fave shows of all time.

  8. I feel SO bad for you! The stomach flu is the worst thing ever. *shudder*

    My sick food is toast and PB. But you have to toast the bread in a pan with butter, and only on one side. Then you put the PB on the toasted die and fold it over so that un-toasted side is on the outside. Best thing ever.

  9. Oh no, so sorry you had to go through this sh***! I hate nausea, I always feel like I am just about to die.
    I usually crave plain and dry carbs – like crackers or bread – or then some mashed banana or porridge.
    I’m so glad you could still celebrate your birthday with sparkles and all! And I NNEEEEED to watch the Diaries – I am obsessed with SATC, I bought the whole PINK edition and watched it already 2 times through.

  10. I’ve been watching all of nothing! I’ve been just watching what’s in the DVR (New Girl, Scandal, Parenthood) as it pops in there bc all my shows are caught up on in Netflix/Hulu (OMG I pray for a new season of Ray Donovan every friggin day).

  11. Oh goodness, that sounds awful! And yes, you need to eat LOTS of toast and LOTS of dippy eggs!

  12. Chrystal M. says:

    Aww sorry you are not feeling well!

    I’ve been watching Carrie Diaries on Hulu since it started. Cute show, which I find odd since I never got into Sex and the City.

  13. Oh noes!! I haven’t been that sick in awhile but I am definitely with you in walking around shrieking “why???” to no one in particular.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better! And that you got your chicken noodle soup (the best cure for sickness) and got to see Catching Fire!! I was a total nerd and saw it twice. #winning

    Oh and Happy late Birthday!!! <3

  14. Aww hun I hope you’re feeling better! Get Tiger on whipping up that soup, ASAP. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My go-to sick foods are cinnamon toast and ginger ale. It’s always what my mom gave me when I was sick as a kid, so I swear it has magical healing powers. Sub the ginger ale for orange juice and you have a miraculous hangover cure too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Shelly says:

    I always have Velveeta Shells & Cheese when I’m sick. It is definitely comfort food from my childhood. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  16. Aww, I know you mentioned feeling sick on my last WIAW post already but wasn’t aware of the whole awfulness of it. Sorry your days off came in a totally different than hoped for fashion. I’m glad you’re doing better again.
    “it felt like my arms and legs were literally being crushed by the blankets” <- And I always thought I was the only one. I usually said my blankets felt like they were made from marble hurting instead of covering me cozily.
    Okay, now you've got me [temporarily – I'll sure get back to gushing about his cuteness soon] convinced of Tiger's unthankful ways. Not a single bowl of soup? Plain rude! … and I bet he didn't leave a single hair less on just about everything so you wouldn't have to clean up as much once you felt better?! Gah.
    My go to sick food are oats. Yes, I'm well aware they already are a favourite on regular days but I'm glad they stick with me during those ugly times, too. True food friends for life, huh?

  17. Oh you poor thing!!! Hope you’re feeling 100% now! Sick food of choice would always be toast or plain pasta…ice cold fruit too, but it has to be soft like mango! A good soup, smooth, vegetables only is always a good option too! I’m loving the Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls!

  18. OH NO! I got this flu last year – I did not eat for 4 days & could not even stomach water too – I had to force myself.. I had no energy to even get out of a chair once I sat down & brushing my teeth was a forced thing cause it was hard to even stand – so sorry you got this! I certainly don’t want it again!

    HUE HUGS!!!!

  19. Eeeeeโ€ฆ stomach demons sound horrible! I’m glad that you’re feeling better <3 And I'm sorry, but Tiger is just a jerk for not being willing to help out.

    Sick foods. Oh geez. ALL the [dry] carbs. Oats, toast, cereal, crackers, pretzels, riceโ€ฆ anything plain and carby goes. And ginger ale. Aaaaaalways ginger ale.

  20. Sorry to hear you got so sick! I’d have to disagree with you on the eggs when you’re sick thing… I usually go for soup, soda crackers, & soda.
    My guilty pleasure on Netflix at the moment is Portlandia. lol

  21. Being sick especially with a stomach bug is the absolute worst. I thought Iโ€™d had food poisoning before until I really had it and I remember lying on the bathroom floor too just wanting to die. And even worse on your birthday not good at all.

    When I am tummy sick, I think eggs is probably one of the last things I would want along with any kind of meat. The plainer the better so dry toast, with maybe a smear of vegemite or peanut butter.

    Maybe with your wishes you need to be more specific like โ€˜I wish for a week off but not due to any harm to me or any of my family in any wayโ€™

  22. You poor thing! Food poisoning is the worst! Ugh, I’ve had it twice and both times, I found myself laying flat on my bathroom floor or hugging the toliet. My go-to sick food (at least when I have a stomach bug) is dry toast and applesauce. I can’t even think about anything else. The thought of having eggs makes me cringe!

    I’m glad you are feeling better and got to enjoy your birthday weekend!

  23. Oh geez that stomach craziness sounds horrible. I would always take a cold or regular flu over any type of stomach sickness, I have enough stomach issues as it is. I’m glad you are feeling better, and definitely be careful about what amount of time you wish for off work in the future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  25. Oh no! There’s nothing worse than being sick ๐Ÿ™ I actually burn toast too when I’m sick and prefer it that way, so odd!

    My go to sick foods are: plain carbs (toast, crackers, plain brown or white rice), apples, banana and ginger – and if I can stomach it, cheese just to keep my food intake up as I can’t afford to lose weight – ooh and vegemite too, salty savoury comfort food that always helps my nausea

  26. Calee Himes says:

    1) SORRY I missed your birthday!! I hope it was a great one.

    2) BOO on being sick. The stomach flu or stomach bug or whatever is THE WORST feeling. I would rather be sick for a month (god forbid) with a sore throat than have a day of constant excising of my bowels from both ends.

  27. Argh why did I leave to broccoli bomb so late? Hope by the time you get this your up back and running like a Boss!

    My sister is obsessed with that show- I watched maybe 20 minutes of it then mouse gave me the shits…moreso because of her stupid name and over exaggerated acting. Seriously, pie that face.

    My go to sick meal is literally plain apples and pears. Everything else…no dice.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yeah, I will admit Mouse’s character can be a little much at times…kinda reminds me of Disney show actors! Haha! And thank you, I’m feeling much MUCH better now…I’ve even started eating vegetables again! Lol! I swear I couldn’t even stand to think of them at all until a couple of days ago!

  28. Saltines and ginger ale all the way. I got sick with scrambled eggs when I was pregnant, and to this day they make me nauseous. I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and I’m seriously addicted!

  29. Oh me, oh my that sounds like no fun at all. I hope by the time I’m reading this, you are fully recovered and back to your old self because the stomach flu just sucks.

    I’ve never seen the Carrie Diaries but I LOVE all the Sex and City’s. One of my favorite shows.

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