Birthday Recap

What’s is up my peoples?

Have you all had a fantastic week so far?

How about yesterday?

Any good?

My day was pretty great…oh yeah, maybe because yesterday was


Although I had to work for most of the day, I couldn’t wait until that evening. After I went to the gym and knocked out a decent 5 miles (felt great to run…haven’t done that in weeks), I went home, showered, and headed to my parent’s house for my birthday dinner.

But before I left, I got a text in reference to these babies:

My birthday presents that BB wrapped all by himself this weekend!

Wanna know what was under that wrapping paper?…Of course you do!

He got me a tripod and a gorillapod!!

And I never even ONCE told him what to get me! I may or may not have done a little happy dance in the middle of my living room. 🙂

But anywho, back to that birthday dinner…

My mom asked me the other day what I would like to have and the first thing that came to mind was her homemade chicken pot pie. I remember it was always my favorite meal that she made when I was little and for special occasions (like birthdays or high test scores) she would make it and we would eat by candlelight.

Obviously she remembered that tradition too 🙂

It was just the three of us (my dad had to work), but we had quite the feast!

The spread…please note those square bowls with the salad fixings totally vintage…straight from my great grandmother’s kitchen! I love that my mom brought them out for the night!

I swear I’d forgotten how much I love walnuts on salad!
I ended up having this bowl x 2!

And then there was the pot pie

Warm, creamy, with a perfectly buttery browned biscuit crust…JUST like how I remember it!

After dinner, we rolled ourselves into the living room where we lusted over my mom’s newest Ikea catalog and chatted about Christmas, cooking, and decorating.

Even though I was still completely stuffed from dinner, I managed to find some room for birthday cake pie…because there’s always room for dessert when it’s your birthday! 😉

I confess, while I didn’t actually COOK the pie, I did mix up all the ingredients at home and took it in a bowl for my mom to pour into a pre-made crust and bake.

I was trying to redeem myself from Thanksgiving.

I used the same recipe as before and followed all the instructions carefully
(I remembered to add the milk this time…ugh)


It was ok, but it didn’t have that tradition pumpkin pie taste that I was hoping for. Now I’m on a mission…a mission to find the best healthy pumpkin pie recipe ever tasted in this world!!! Suggestions and link droppage is more than welcome!!

Do you have a special meal or restaurant that you like to go to on your birthday?
My favorite restaurant is The Melting Pot and BB’s never been so I’m hoping to introduce him to it this weekend to celebrate both our birthdays…oh yeah, his birthday is today! 🙂

What was one of your best birthday presents when you were younger?
I’d have to say the My Child doll I got when I was three. I named her Heather Baby and I still have her to this day.

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