Pretty F-ing Marvelous!


HOW is it Monday already?!

Sorry I’m not sorry for the abrupt intro, but DAMN! Is it just me or does it feel that the further we get in the year, the shorter the weekends get? Thanks for nothing, Daylight Savings Time! Figure out how to “save” me an extra 24 hours in there somewhere and THEN we’ll talk!

Nevertheless, I can’t think of any other way I’d rather have spent the last few days…they were full of fun times, friends and family, and of course some fantastic food. I guess you could say this weekend was…


Pizza with Bacon & Feta


I swear it’s there (under all that bacon those other scrumdiddlyumptious toppings)! Ok, I have to confess, I wasn’t sure if it was gonna work with the other toppings, but my friend convinced me and man, as soon as I got that “pop” of flavor in my first bite, I was SOLD!

Lily Flower


What would a weekend be without at least ONE walk? Made even better with perfect weather (sunny with a light breeze) and great conversation with a friend. I just HAD to snap a picture of the lilies they had at the beginning of the trails…one of my favorite flowers!


My back and shoulders put up a good fight, but they were NO match for my dreadlocked, gauged-ear masseuse at the spa the other day. Thank you, Josh, for making me feel like I’d been beat up when I woke up the next day helping me walk like a normal person again!

Me, Mom & ToriMe & Dad


Remember how I mentioned that we would have to postpone our Mother’s Day celebration since my mom had to work all last weekend? Well, yesterday, we all got together over at my parent’s house and had a great time!



And as tempting as it was to knock off Mr. Tom Strut-Your-Stuff-ALL-Over-The-Front-Lawn…we opted for another fine feathered friend when it came time for dinner!


Mother's Day Plate


This parmesan crusted chicken (sounds gross, tastes amazing!) with corn on the cob, steamed green beans, roasted red potatoes, cucumber and onion salad, annnnnnd a Hawaiian roll…am I the only one out there who is a complete sucker for these?

Fruit Salad


And of course, what family get-together of mine would it be without a fruit salad the size of a small child? I got the idea of adding mandarin oranges from some of the pre-made (read: incredibly overpriced) fruit bowls in the produce section and now I’m thinking all future fruit salads will HAVE to have them! Served up alongside some fluffy angel food cake and some leftover whipped cream, it was delicious!


Season three of Game of Thrones is now behind me. And…? I feel…? I just have to say…Davida said it ALL in this comment!


I could’ve had this “F-ing” post up this morning after I got home from work, BUT that would’ve required at least another hour and some sort of miracle in the brain power department. I said forget that and opted for sleep instead. And now that I’ve been up for a couple of hours…I’m going to start my day right…by going BACK to bed! 😉

Give me three F’s from your weekend!

What is your favorite flower?
I love almost all lilies, but calla lilies are my favorite!


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