Thinking Out Loud: Bits, Pieces, & the Mega-Torch of DEATH!

What up, my peepalicious peeps?!

Uh, just go with it. Hey, look at that…it’s Thursday…so I don’t have to make any excuses for the way my mind works! But I do have some pretty crazy bits and pieces floating around in there this week so um yeah, proceed with caution. 😉

So you know how mac & cheese never really tastes the same once you reheat the leftovers? Well, I used to think the secret was in adding a bit of milk to it…

Yolkporn Mac & Cheese

But who knew, I’d been missing out on another PRIME opportunity to bust out some #yolkporn! Truth be told, I’m STILL eating leftovers…partly because I have mine AND my friend’s (that was accidentally) left in my fridge, partly because I’ve become insanely addicted to cinnamon graham pretzels (yes, such a thing does exist) dipped in whipped cream cheese, and partly because of a little…pancake experimentation, but I’ll have more on that tomorrow! 😀

Speaking of experimentation: I taste-tested my homemade kombucha flavors the other day annnnnd…


All were winners except for two…can you guess which bottles those are? Note to self: in the future, PEEL limes before adding them otherwise bitter lime peel is ALL you taste! I was hoping a little chill in the fridge would help with the flavor, but unfortunately the lemon-lime and the strawberry-lime were poured out for all my fermented homies. On the flip side, the lavender turned out AMAZING!

I’m still obsessed with the Portugal. The Man album I downloaded over the weekend and while I didn’t think I had a favorite song, I realized the other day I’d been humming the tune to one of them all day long…

Listen. Love. And just TRY not to sway to that beat…though I will admit, the video is pretty trippy.

Oh and speaking of trippin’…guess WHO is coming to Nashville TOMORROW! And guess HOW many tickets are left! Why? Why did I have to see that? Seriously, just reach into my chest and pluck out my beating heart, why don’tcha?!


Yeah, kinda like that…only, I’m sure my heart doesn’t look EXACCCCCTLY like a wrinkly old jicama! Um, how about I bought this bad boy like three…four? weeks ago and still have yet to do anything with it! Cast that judgmental look elsewhere, Laura! Actually, I’m thinking about painting a face on it and calling it Wilson…or whatever the Spanish equivalent to that would be. 😉


I went to the store for a few odds and ends last week and came home with something new. You guys know I’ve been having a TIME with my nails lately. Well how about I’ve been using this nail strengthener for two weeks annnnnnd? HELLO, I actually have nails!

I also picked up a new can of hairspray…an off brand, but one I like and buy on a regular basis…only instead of being the usual light mist that it is, I have a MEGA TORCH OF DEATH!! I tried cleaning the sprayer, shaking it up, and even went back to the store and exchanged it for another. I’m starting to wonder if I was still in the HBA section when I bought it or if I’d wandered over to guns and ammo… 😉

Game of Thrones

And speaking of violence…I finally made it to season THREE of Game of Thrones…and watched about half of it in one day! Please don’t ask me what I’m going to do when I finish it since I don’t have cable….if only I could buy channels al a carte!

Game of Thrones Selfie

Oh and for the record, I’m STILL a wimp!


Be sure to hop on over to Spoons and see what randomness is going on in everyone else’s brain this week! I’ll “see” you guys tomorrow with some pancakes and a SWEET deal to go with ’em!

What’s the last concert you went to?

Best thing you’ve eaten this week?

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