Farmers Market Finds & Other Grocery Goodies

It’s no secret that I LOVE a good farmers market.

And well, if you haven’t been to Atlanta to witness the sheer awesomeness that is the Dekalb Farmers Market, then you are surely missing out and…this post is probably going to make you green with envy!

Having been once before, I thought I’d be able to handle myself when Laura and I went this past weekend, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t sweating ten minutes after walking through the door. I just can’t help but get overwhelmed by the floor to almost ceiling shelves of grains and dried goods, fruits and veggies, meat and fish, bread and wine and cheese and ohmygodIthinkmyheartisgoingtoexplode! 😯

So how about I show you my loot the small amount of items I DID manage to walk out with?

Farmer's Market Baking & Treats

Organic cocoa nibs, Turkish carob powder, organic cornmeal, coconut curry cashews (haven’t tried these yet, but Laura told me they’re amazing!), coffee and chocolate extracts, and chocolate-covered popped amaranth (because I’m tired of drooling over Sarah’s!)

Farmer's Market Snacks

A HUGE bag of cashews (oh yes, there is more butter-making in my future!), dried pineapple, roasted salted soybeans x 2, sunflower seeds x 2, and organic dried banana chips x 2…can you tell I plan on making trail mix? 😉

Rice Cakes

Honey nut rice cakes…I definitely should have bought more of these, but I couldn’t help but run walk away from the WALL of them after deliberating for 10 minutes over whether I should get the honey nut or the cinnamon toast! Lol

Farmer's Market Bread

Lemon, apple, walnut & raisin bread that I could smell through the bag so yeah, I HAD to have it and proof that sampling works: once I tried a bite of this multigrain artisan bread, I hunted it down in the bakery section! It’s like a sweet honey wheat…so soft and so delicious!

Farmer's Market Produce

A few new-to-me varieties of apples (names of which are eluding me at the moment), purple sweet potatoes x 3, purple potatoes x 4, a five-pound bag of carrots, and just a few FOURTEEN persimmons! Ha!

Farmer's Market Cheese


Confession: I know as much about cheese as I know about wine…absolutely NOTHING!  So I can’t help but always feel like I’m playing the lottery whenever I buy any…so far though, the goat’s milk blue cheese made me a lucky winner!

Farmer's Market Yogurt & Cheese

Greek yogurt cream cheese (that I actually got at Whole Foods, but snuck into this picture anyway), quark, and SIGGI’S COCONUT YOGURT!!!

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the quark just yet, but omg, the cream cheese and the Siggis are sweet purrrrrrrr-fection! I’d never seen this flavor of Siggi’s before…and I mean, c’MON, it’s coconut!! This brand has always been one of my favorites because their flavors are never too sweet for my tastes, but this flavor is by far the best!

And well, since the Atlanta Whole Foods just happens to be next to a TJ Maxx…

TJ Maxx Dip & Coffee

I may be spontaneous, but I’m totally predictable! 😉

And now I am officially hungry! Lol

What are your favorite items to buy from the farmers market?

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