Thinking Out Loud: Look Spring, No Pants!

Thank GOD, it’s THURSDAY!

*Insert witty intro here*

I just want to say, I’m seriously proud of all of you out there who sounded willing to try the Sweet Pea Smoothie from Monday’s post! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say my #strangebutgood-ness is rubbing off on your guys! Muahaha! 😉

Ok, so I’m still going hard on the whole Spotify thing…I’m telling you, I’m seriously in love with this website/app! I’ve been making playlists left and right, my favorite being “Wine O’clock” which is full of chill tunes and basically ANY song by Lana Del Ray.

This one in particular has been on repeat for over a week now…apparently, I just really like singing songs with the word “fuck” in them! 😉

Fancy Pants Wine.jpg

And of course, what good would having a playlist with a name like that be without some “Fancy Pants”? Although I prefer to enjoy my wine SANS pants on most occasions! 😉

PS, I totally bought this wine solely for the label and it actually ended up being pretty damn good! #bam

Book - The Orchard

I also frequently judge books by their covers. I picked up The Orchard by Theresa Weir at the bookstore the other day for a whopping THREE dolares after I found myself being sucked into that beautiful green garden!

Red Lipstick

So this is the lipstick that I bought last weekend…that took me like FOREVER to find since for some reason my complexion makes most classic red colors look purple. I was so proud of it, I had to take a picture…and then since I’m so used to using chapstick, without thinking, I totally put the cap back on without rolling it back down.



After having some pretty chilly days this week, I was more than excited to see it get up to 64°F (17°C) yesterday, which obviously called for a celebratory trip to the park!

Oh, by the way, happy first day of SPRIIIIIIIIIIING!!! 😀

Walk at the Park.png

Where I could continue to amuse passersby with my amazing multitasking abilities. I still don’t see what the big deal is…I mean, I am literally like the clumsiest person I know! I swear, it’s all about the peripheral! 😉

Hello, my name is Heather and I’ve been living off leftovers ALL week long…oh and cheese, lots and lots of cheese, but back to the leftovers…I’ve officially polished off all the “stolen” injera, bulgogi, and curry, but I saved the best (and previously UNpictured) for last…

Tom Kha Soup with Shrimp

A bowl of Tom Kha soup that I ordered to-go because it is one of my absolute favvvvvvvvvve-or-rites! I added some spinach and it was DEEEEvine!

Thank you Amanda for giving me a reason to give my brain its weekly break/flush! You guys be sure to check out Spoons for all sorts of randomness today because Thursdays are forrrrr…


What’s on YOUR mind today?

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