Hashtag #Marvelous


I just had the BEST weekend!

First of all, I did get caught up on some sleep (thank you all for the kind comments/good vibes on that)! I even managed to get a nap in before work last night so here’s hoping luck’s on my side this week on the insomnia front…though I will say sleep deprivation makes for some pretty innnnteresting post titles! 😉 But anywho, onto the bigger and BETTER things that went down this weekend because well, there were quite a few things that were friggin’ MARVELOUS!

Gym Selfie

Like busting out a killer leg workout and still feeling sore three days later!


Yolkporn Vegan Pancakes

Like bastardizing yet ANOTHER plate of vegan pancakes!


Me & the Besties - Ladies Night

Like getting together with my best girls after MONTHS of not seeing them!

#ladiesnight #besties #whydoesthispicmakemelooklikeademon


Like sipping wine, laughing, pointing, and blushing over old photos!

#throwbacks #chokers #crunchybangs

Wine - Cheers

Like toasting a ten PLUS year friendship while chatting into the wee hours of the night and totally forgetting about anything else!

#clink #wineoclock #wetotallyhadpopcornfordinner

Peanut Butter & Banana Bagel

Like refreshing my memory on the deliciousness that IS a peanut butter and banana topped (P28 Foods) bagel!

#hangoverfood #omggetinmypiehole

Hot Yoga High

Like sportin’ some sparkles after another kick ass hot yoga session!

#justcallmebella #yesiwentthere #twilightfan 

Sweet Potato Fries, Salmon, & Broccoli

Like meeting up for an impromptu lunch date with a good friend and catching up over some of the BEST grilled salmon and my FAVORITE sweet potato fries!

#sweetporTAYters #foodporn #heylookgreenfood

Cheese & Wine

Like having my yoga friend/coworker over to the house for a little wine and a
WHOLE lotta cheese!

#ladysnightpartdeux #omgcheese #iswearimnotanalcoholic

Yoga Love

Like getting up early the next morning and randomly deciding to go to yoga AGAIN…

#addicted #namaste #atleastitdidntsmelllikeballsthistime


Now hop on over and check out all the other MARVELOUS moments over at Healthy Diva Life…and as always, a BIG thanks to Katie for always being such a happy hostess!


What was marvelous about YOUR weekend? Bonus points for hashtags that make me wanna pee myself! 😉

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