February: The Month of Deliciousness and Deliriousness

What up, peeps?!

Since a certain smoothie is planning on making it’s GRRRR(roll the “r”)AND appearance tomorrow, the good ol’ “Currently” is getting bumped up to today. And since I almost always look back on old posts when I copy and paste ALL THE LINES I’m reminiscing about months prior, I thought it was a little misleading to see a bunch of books as the first picture for every.single.post.

So, how about you just look at my beautiful and of course, always humble/modest/whateverwhoamikiddingimgorgeous face instead?

February Current Outfit Selfie

Hey there good lookin’! Come here often? 😉

Current Book: 

February Books

Yes, now let’s talk about some bookage! And the fact that every one I read this month had to do with an animal?? Yeah, I swear I didn’t do that on purpose. Lost & Found was a little REALLY peculiar in the beginning, but it got better, Cleo was a tear-jerker slash ab workout (think Marley & Me), and Dogs of Babel? Yeah, how about I finished it at work and was doing the whole fan-the-face-don’t-you-dare-smudge-your-makeup dance? Get it, read it, you’re welcome! 😀

Current Music:

 I’ve seriously played this song FOUR times while typing this post! How have I never heard of these guys before?! LOVE!

Current Guilty DISPleasure:

The fact that I’ve fallen SO behind in responding to comments and reading blogs lately! Promise to find time this weekend to get caught up! 🙁

Current Nail Color:

 Nub…is that a color? Because that’s totally what the end of each of my fingers resemble right about now. Note to self: Apply strengthening polish yesterday.

Current Wish/Needs:

Besides a nail transplant, I am in desperate, serious, ♪♫ URGENT, URGENT, EMERRRRRRRGENCY ♪♫ need of some murther erffin’ SLEEP! I tend ride waves with my sleep patterns working the night shift (yep, just typed “shit”), but for the last two weeks, I’ve been caught in some serious undercurrent! Sadly, the meds I got from the doc isn’t knocking me the furk out, but I DO have an appointment with a therapist next week who can  hopefully give me a lobotomy help me out!

Current Entertainment:

iPhone - Spotify

Am I gonna be that annoying girl who flaunts her new iPhone all over the place until you want to wring her skinny little neck? Why yes, yes I am! C’mon guys, I haven’t had a new phone in three years…that’s like a mil-bajil- a freakin’ LOT! And seriously, how am I only now discovering Spotify? It makes my OCD music-lovin’ soul sing…and cracks the wine glasses in my cupboards!

Current Drink:


Speaking of wine, I like it…like, a lot. I kinda forgot that. It’s been a while since I’ve had any, but after my trip to ATL, I’ve been having these cool little wine parties. There’s cheese and these freaking delicious crackers and it’s pretty low key…usually just a few guests me…at like seven in the morning.

Can you see the reflection of my beautiful new iPhone? Huh? Can you??


Dear God, thank you for wine to put me to sleep…even if it’s only for FOUR FREAKING HOURS and then lots and LOTS of coffee (I’ve made it to a tolerance of 3/4 caff now) to help me power through blog writing at 4am. And cups half the size of my coffee pot, yes, thank you for those too!

Current Food:


Don’t ever EVER allow me to lie to you by saying anything is better than a Hugh Jass, thick, doughy slice of pizza. Seriously, who was I kidding thinking that thin crust was where it’s at!? Shaaa!

Beet Smoothie

I am in LOVE with this smoothie and I seriously canNOT wait to share the recipe with you guys tomorrow…and that glorious color comes from, you guessed it, MORE BEETS! I can’t even tell you how many of those sweet ruby gems I’ve eaten lately!

Hashtag pinkpee 😆

Graham Cracker PB&J

Annnnd PB&J grahammiches! Nom nom NOM!

Let it be noted that I am deliberately avoiding the subject of how many vegan pancakes I’ve eaten this month.

Current Triumphs:

Workout Gym Selfie & Smoothie

I’ve finally found a good stride in my workouts again! Earlier in the month, I could feel myself getting bored with my workouts, but after a little “kick” in the booty down in ATL, and armed with some new kicks myself, I’ve been busting out some sweaty sessions! And look at that…another smoothie! 😉

Current Bane of Existence:

 Well, let’s see…I’ve almost made it through an entire week of work onnnnnn wait, let me count them…plus three, carry the two…FOURTEEN hours of sleep!

Hashtag shootme

Current Blogger Crush:

Ok, enough complaining! Wanna laugh? Of course you do! I mean, what kind of Scrooge says no to a question like that??! Click over to this woman’s blog and try, just TRY not to giggle pee your pants! Also, drool all over her food pictures. Melissa, I am forever in your debt for “introducing” us! 😉

Current Indulgence:

Cookies & Cream Quest Bar

Can’t…stop….eating….Quest bars! Also, #questbarporn

‘Nuff said!

Cookies & Cream Questbar with Peanut Butter

Actually wait, no. Cookies & cream Quest bar. Microwaved. Topped with peanut butter.

Now, ’nuff said! 😉

Current Blessing:

Friends to text until 3am and all the positive energy vibes on Instagram that got me through one HELL of a sleepy shift on Tuesday morning. Oh and waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner that actually helps me fake the whole I’m awake thing.

Current Outfit:

Pretty in PINK! See gorgeous selfie at beginning of post for proof.

Current Excitement:

I seriously can’t even TELL you how excited I am for the weekend (Thursday-Saturday) to be here! Not only for a chance to mayyyyyyybe, hopefully? please, God?! get caught up on some sleep, but I actually have a pretty FULL schedule of activities! Dinner with an old friend tonight, hanging with the besties on Friday, and a wine party with my work/yoga friend on Saturday…I think we’ll push back the time a bit…maybe like noon.

Current Link:

Ben & Jerry’s New Core Ice Cream Flavors 😯

Hashtag shitmypants

Current Mood:

Umm, der, sleeeeeeeeepy!

What flavor of Ben & Jerry’s would you want to try first?
I got dibs on the peanut butter fudge!

What are you CURRENTLY excited about?

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