It’s Time for Battle

I swear this month…this year even, has just flown right by me! I cannot believe that tomorrow is already December! Feels like just yesterday I was frolicking in the summer sun <-and yes, I do indeed “frolick”

Let it be known that I am in no way a fan of cold temperatures, snow, snow by-products: ice, sleet…etc, or bulky winter coats! So yeah, for the most part, I pretty much hate winter! I’m all about sunshine, flip-flops, and a nice tan…I really should move closer to the Equator! 😉 So, being on the cusp of the very month that will bring in the season I most abhor, I declare a war…against the cold!

My first meal of the day to prepare for battle:

Orange Cranberry Sauce Oat Bran

Finished off the leftover cranberry pomegranate sauce with this one. Just 1/3 cup of oat bran mixed with 1 cup of water and cooked for a quick couple of minutes on the stove. Topped with some fresh orange zest. So warm and so delicious!

Next, I packed up my grub for work: A slice of whole wheat banana bread in my pretty green WasteNot Sak (, turkey soup (to be WARMED at work), a salad of spinach, cucumber, dried crans, pecans, and goat cheese with this amazing cranberry balsamic dressing, a honeycrisp apple (my all time favorite!), and an Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Cherry bar I picked up at Target.

Work Eats

When I got out of work, it was fah-reezing! Weatherman said it will get as low as 20 degrees tonight. But I was determined to stay strong AND warm…time for dinner!

Open-faced Turkey Apple Cheddar Melt

I found this cheese at SAMs club a couple of weeks ago. A cheddar cheese stuffed with dried apple bits and cinnamon?…uh, heck yeah!

Apple Harvest Cheddar Cheese with Cinnamon

First, I sliced two rounds off a Vidalia onion and sauteed them in a dry skillet until tender and browned. Then I took a slice of leftover sourdough and layered sliced turkey and cheese on top. Place under low broil for about 5 minutes…and voila!

Warm Cheezy Goodness!

Served with a side of chopped fresh spinach with cranberry balsamic dressing (love that stuff!).

Guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach!

So, sooooo yummy! The pairing of the sweet onions and mildly sharp apple-infused cheddar was the perfect combo! I wanted to finish it all, but I just couldn’t, but I certainly have no problem heating this back up for dinner tomorrow, that’s for sure! Ha! Take THAT cold weather!

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  1. You eat some seriously delicious things… I just added you to my Google reader! 😀

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