Pancakes & Sushi

Good afternoon interneties! First off, let me just say a very big THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on my NYE pic! You guys really know how to make a southern gal blush!

I just got back from another trip to Nashvegas on this bright sun-shiny Sunday. Where was this weather the night of New Years Eve?? I met a friend downtown this morning at The Pancake Pantry, a popular breakfast eatery in Nashville. I had never been before today, but had always heard amazing things about their menu. Check out all the pancakes!

It took me FOREVER to decide, but in the end I chose the sweet potato pancakes topped with pecans (upon request) and served with cinnamon cream syrup!

I wish I had asked for it without the butter and sugar, but it was easily scraped off! They were so light and fluffy and soaked up the cinnamon syrup perfectly. I wanted to eat it all but only made it about 2/3’s of the way and I was sooooo full! Happy Pancake Sunday to me! Happy Pancake Sunday tooooooooo me!

After breakfast, I had to stop at Whole Paycheck Foods and Trader Joe’s…because, you know, I was in the area! 😉

First stop, Whole Foods! I can’t wait to use the bottle of Vidalia Onion & Fig grilling sauce that’s on the far left. There is a chicken breast in my freezer with this thing’s name ALL over it! There are also two bags hiding behind the Daiya cheese and the dulse flakes…whole wheat pastry flour and rolled oats. You KNOW you need to go to the store when you’re out of both of these!

I’m so mad at myself for getting these! I had never had a meringue before and when I saw these I thought they looked purdy, but they didn’t have a price on them. I meant to ask the cashier, but she distracted me (more on this in a second) and I forgot. When I got home I checked the receipt…SIX freakin’ NINETY-NINE!!! Good grief, did they get the egg whites from the goose that laid the golden egg?? And to top it off, they’re awful…just taste like air and sugar! Bleh! 🙁

I have wanted to try Artic Zero for months now, but the last time I went to Whole Foods, all they had was chocolate (my least favorite flavor). They had a full stock today and I couldn’t decide on one flavor so I got two! Yeah, and about the cashier distraction…she asked me if I had ever tried these before and when I said I hadn’t she gave me one for FREE! Heck yeah!

I practically ripped into both containers as soon as I got in. Coffee was first…mmm, yeah…not bad…tastes just like coffee ice cream. Then it was time to try the vanilla maple…SMACK YO MAMA! I could bathe in this stuff (though that would be a little chilly)! It is sooooo good! If you have a chance to try this flavor, do it NOW!

Trader Joe’s was next. I wish I could’ve paid the TJ’s price for my WF’s ticket! So much cheaper!

Baby heirloom tomatoes, basil, and whole wheat crust. Yes, there will be a Margherita pizza in my near future! I also picked up some hearts of palm. I see Allie put them on salads all the time, but I have never tried them before. Have you?

Notice the salmon in the back? I’m keeping my “intentions” in mind! I’m thinking some smoked paprika rubbed salmon is in order this week!

I’ll leave you with my beautiful lunch plate brought to you by the kind gentleman behind the sushi counter at WF’s: Shrimp summer roll and brown rice sushi with eel (my fave), avocado, cucumber and brown sauce.

Well, I’m off to pack up all the Christmas decorations 🙁 Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!


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