Feeling Up the Icebox

I mean FILLING!! ūüėČ

Hey hey everybody! I loved reading you guys’ comments about your foodie must haves! Let me just add oatmeal to my list! I just noticed that I’m running a bit I’m now starting to get nervous! Haha!

I figured since I finally came out about my relationship with my dear refrigerator (his name is Frio, by the way) yesterday, that tonight I would “take it to the next level” and officially introduce you to “him”.

This is what Frio looked like before I went grocery shopping today:

Haha! Just kidding! This is what he looked like after I cleaned him up!
So fresh and so clean, clean!

THIS is what my poor foodie stock was pre-shopping:

Check out my ginormous pummelo!

I was on a mission today…to be more spending conscious at the store and not just impulsively buy everything around the corner. So, I did a little planning!

Sale ads, grocery list, coupons…check, check, check!

I hit up 3 stores in 2 1/2 hours…it should NOT have taken me this long, but that’s what I get for starting at noon on a military payday weekend! Blarg!

Stop #1: SAMs Club

Organic spinach, ports, mini peps, steebies, peas, & cuties!
Yes, I did buy the 5lb bag of mandarins!
Anyone up for a bet if I’ll finish them all before they croak??

Stop #2: My own version of Hell Wal-Mart

2% cottage cheese, canned salmon, prosciutto, vanilla AM,
golden/reg raisins, canned tomatoes,
lemon ginger & decaf green (hiding) teas,
nanners, cauliflower (99 cents!), avocados (50 cents a piece!),
artichoke, organic zucchini, organic scallions, organic carrots,
2 tangelos, bloobs, 3 pink ladies, and organic cage-free eggs

Stop #3: Kroger

Peach Chobani (hiding), 2 Oikos Greek yogurts,
Yoplait Greek yogurt (never tried this brand before, but I had a coupon),
Ezekiel bread (no sugar!!), Lundberg brown rice cakes,
Lightlife Smart Ground, roasted red peps,
coconut agua, 2 bags unsweetened shredded coconut,
Baker’s unsweetened chocolate,
2 organic maters, and
Celestial Seasoning Mandarin Orange Spice (my fave!)

Reading Chelsea’s blog earlier this week about grocery budgeting, got me thinking about my own spending habits. I tried to be mindful of what I was putting in my…buggy. Yep, that’s what I call them! No, they are not “carts”!

My goal was to only spend $100. I figured a lot of the items will last me for 2 weeks or more and I’m hoping to see my monthly spending below $250 for the month. I know that sounds like a lot for one person, but for me, it works. I rarely ever go shopping or out to eat, so I allow myself to splurge on what I really love…FOOD!

I ended up spending $114.97 with $14.o9 in savings and the only non-food items I purchased were TP and toothpaste. I think I did pretty good, especially since I wasn’t really keeping a tally while I was shopping!

Now Frio is looking nice and full…JUST the way I like him!

I think we have a nice “give & take” relationship!

BEST part about grocery shopping…new snackage!

Brown rice cake topped with sunflower butter & sweet mini pepper

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk, 1/2 square Baker’s chocolate, &
2 HUGE steebies that were impressively juicy and sweet for being out of season!

How do you think I did? What do you choose to splurge on in life?

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