Knock on Wood!

I should have seen it coming…if a picture is worth a thousand words, then here is a thousand words to describe my day:

Me? Under the weather? Nevah happens! Or at least that’s what I said on Monday!

Note to self: NEVER feel silly for “knocking on wood” after saying something that is crazy albeit plausible! Call me superstitious if you must…but my congestion/runny nose/watery eyes/scratchy throat is all the proof I need!

Pretty much every hour of the day has been spent downing one of the above items!

There were signs, but I was in denial.

1. Tuesday: Feeling really tired and worn out. Remember how I said I could barely hold my head up while typing my post? Yeah, it was 8:30pm! I chocked it up to staying out too late at the Preds game the night before and not getting enough sleep.

2. Wednesday morning: Sore and scratchy throat. “Hmm, must’ve cheered too much at the hockey game! It’ll go away!”

3. Wednesday evening: Although I felt uber tired and lacked motivation to workout, I pushed myself to do it since I had already laid off for two days. The workout kicked my tush and I just attributed it to being a lazy bum on Monday & Tuesday.

Hello!?! Anybody in there? You’re body is TRYING to tell you that you are getting sick!!

Today started out with some nutrient rich foods! Helllllllllo vitamins!

2 eggs + 2 egg whites scrambled with 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast,
and a handful of spinach,
goat cheese + honey on a whole wheat sandwich thin,
and a new-to-me fruit:
blood orange

Blood oranges were on sale at Kroger yesterday so I decided to pick one up to try. The taste is difficult to describe (especially since my sense of taste is a little off right now), but it was definitely tangier than a regular orange, but not sour or bitter. I really liked it…plus, while I ate, I dreamt of Michael C. Hall! Ahhh, Dexter, my handsome little sociopath!

Although it was a great breakfast, I didn’t intend on it being my only substantial meal of the day, but after surviving working 4.5 hours at the hospital, all I wanted to do was crash. The only good thing about all this snow is the fact that it lightened our out-patient schedule today and allowed me to leave early. I got home around 12:45pm and was in my pj’s and snuggled under a massive amount of blankets by 1:00pm!

After a few hours of napping, I decided to get up and force myself to eat something.

A great light-on-the-tummy munchable!

Then I decided it couldn’t hurt to pound some more vitamins, so I made Angela’s Flu-Buster Clementine Creamsicle Smoothie with what little bit of energy I could scrounge up! Luckily this recipe couldn’t get any easier! The only ingredients I left out were the date and the lemon juice (no haves!)

The perfect sore throat soother! I just wish I could enjoyed the taste more! I sipped on half right after making it and the other half was finished off just a moment ago. Hopefully all that vitamin C is working its magic in my body now!

Well, looks like it’s gonna be an early-to-bed night for me! Eyes are getting heavy and it’s only 7:30! Hope you are all doing great and please forgive me for falling behind on commenting on your blogs lately…hopefully I can catch up over the weekend if when I’m feeling better!

Nighty night!

What is your go-to cold-busting food combo?

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26 Responses to Knock on Wood!

  1. lindsay says:

    I always make eggs when I feel sick. I hope the mango kombucha cures you fast. Its so hard to tell ourselves to rest until we physically can’t,, right? Rest up dear and stay warm!

  2. Mrs. Fish says:

    Get well soon! 🙂 Nothing is worse than being sick. 🙁

  3. how do you still do a pretty post when you’re sick? you little stinker! haha love it!

    Feel mucho better love! keep eating super healthy and pounding those drinks and you’ll be better before you know it! <3


  4. I’m impressed you not only managed to make the smoothie but also take great pictures of it! Hope you feel better soon. I think sleep is one of the best medicines out there, so rest up!

  5. Feel better, love! Vitamin C infused well wishes your way! xo

  6. inmytummy says:

    Feel better, girl. (oops, I wrote feel better, grill.)

  7. Jenny says:

    Hope you get better!! The weekend is coming!!

  8. smoothies are the best for fighting colds- and you got that down! hope you feel better- everyone is getting sick it seems!

  9. Kayla says:

    I know, it’s always hard to realize you’re getting sick until the symptoms come on full force! I always love smoothies, lots of oranges, lots of Vitamin C when I’m sick! Hope you get well!

  10. I like to eating spicy food when I have a cold. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. elise says:

    anything with oj is a good call. and lots of fluids.

  12. Anastasia says:

    Ohhh man.. same thing happened to me earlier this week. I’ve had oranges, vitamins, emergen-c, garlic and vitamin c but my throat is still sore. It’s much better than it was yesterday though! I have this nasty cough too. I can tell it will be gone after the weekend and I hope yours is too!

  13. oh, man.. EVERYBODY is getting sick these days!

    good work getting that vitamin C in you… it works wonders for me!

    another Vitamin C supplement – have you ever had the Vitamin C Defense Halls drops? theyre delicious AND have a ton of C in ’em! 😉

    feel better, girly!

  14. Oh my, that clementine creamsicle smoothie looks so good. I just got back from the store with a whole bunch of clementines.
    And guess what else came in the mail today? My 7 flavors of SPREAD peanut butter that I ordered. OMG, so delicious!
    I like having soup and chowder with crackers when I am sick. Not that it busts the cold, but it’s soothing 🙂 Get well girl!

  15. Oh no! Feel better!

    And side note: your pictures of that smoothie are really REALLY good!

  16. Oh, I hope you feel better! All that vitC is sure to help 🙂 btw, I love blood red oranges! I just ate 2 of them 🙂 SOOO good 🙂 🙂

    for colds-load up on the C (like you are) and take a couple drops of oregano oil. SHould help 🙂

  17. Aw, I hope you feel better! I love smoothies or ice cream when I’m sick- nothing feels better on a sore throat!

  18. I always fight off being sick too. Never believe it until I’m knocked on my butt.

    PS – That orange drink photo is GORGEOUS!

  19. Ahh, I hate the feeling of getting sick! I usually do the same as you and slam down some Emergen- C. I swear buy that stuff, it has saved me so many times. I think it works best as soon as you feel it coming on.

    Hope you feel better!


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