Knock on Wood!

I should have seen it coming…if a picture is worth a thousand words, then here is a thousand words to describe my day:

Me? Under the weather? Nevah happens! Or at least that’s what I said on Monday!

Note to self: NEVER feel silly for “knocking on wood” after saying something that is crazy albeit plausible! Call me superstitious if you must…but my congestion/runny nose/watery eyes/scratchy throat is all the proof I need!

Pretty much every hour of the day has been spent downing one of the above items!

There were signs, but I was in denial.

1. Tuesday: Feeling really tired and worn out. Remember how I said I could barely hold my head up while typing my post? Yeah, it was 8:30pm! I chocked it up to staying out too late at the Preds game the night before and not getting enough sleep.

2. Wednesday morning: Sore and scratchy throat. “Hmm, must’ve cheered too much at the hockey game! It’ll go away!”

3. Wednesday evening: Although I felt uber tired and lacked motivation to workout, I pushed myself to do it since I had already laid off for two days. The workout kicked my tush and I just attributed it to being a lazy bum on Monday & Tuesday.

Hello!?! Anybody in there? You’re body is TRYING to tell you that you are getting sick!!

Today started out with some nutrient rich foods! Helllllllllo vitamins!

2 eggs + 2 egg whites scrambled with 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast,
and a handful of spinach,
goat cheese + honey on a whole wheat sandwich thin,
and a new-to-me fruit:
blood orange

Blood oranges were on sale at Kroger yesterday so I decided to pick one up to try. The taste is difficult to describe (especially since my sense of taste is a little off right now), but it was definitely tangier than a regular orange, but not sour or bitter. I really liked it…plus, while I ate, I dreamt of Michael C. Hall! Ahhh, Dexter, my handsome little sociopath!

Although it was a great breakfast, I didn’t intend on it being my only substantial meal of the day, but after surviving working 4.5 hours at the hospital, all I wanted to do was crash. The only good thing about all this snow is the fact that it lightened our out-patient schedule today and allowed me to leave early. I got home around 12:45pm and was in my pj’s and snuggled under a massive amount of blankets by 1:00pm!

After a few hours of napping, I decided to get up and force myself to eat something.

A great light-on-the-tummy munchable!

Then I decided it couldn’t hurt to pound some more vitamins, so I made Angela’s Flu-Buster Clementine Creamsicle Smoothie with what little bit of energy I could scrounge up! Luckily this recipe couldn’t get any easier! The only ingredients I left out were the date and the lemon juice (no haves!)

The perfect sore throat soother! I just wish I could enjoyed the taste more! I sipped on half right after making it and the other half was finished off just a moment ago. Hopefully all that vitamin C is working its magic in my body now!

Well, looks like it’s gonna be an early-to-bed night for me! Eyes are getting heavy and it’s only 7:30! Hope you are all doing great and please forgive me for falling behind on commenting on your blogs lately…hopefully I can catch up over the weekend if when I’m feeling better!

Nighty night!

What is your go-to cold-busting food combo?

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