Knock Knock!

“Who’s there?”


“Postman who?”

“No, seriously…it’s your postman. Couldja open the door?”

“Oh, um…yeah, ok.” (How embarrassing) šŸ˜‰

Another day spent on the mend. I’ve kept up with the regular regimen and I’m feeling like I’m making progress, but just not quite back to 100% yet. Though, I have to say that today was a definite improvement from yesterday! Wanna know why?


First off, my morning started with a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries!

Kashi Go Lean, steebies, andĀ dark chocolateĀ crack almond butter

I’m sorry Nutella, but there’s a new kid in town!

Then, I got a surprise visit from a dear friend with a get well package just for moi!

Amy’s organic soups, bread mix, and animal crackers (she knows me too well)

Annnnnd a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of fresh flowers!
Thank you so so much Catherine!

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, the mailman brought this by:

Wonder what’s in the box??

TJ’s Peanut Flour sent straight from Heaven Amazon!!!

My Angel Christin, from Purple Bird Blog, heard my peanut flour woes and took it upon herself to ship these straight to my doorstep!

My love, my precccccccccccious! Muhahaha!

Annnnnnnnnnd then!! Ok, so actually this came in yesterday, but let’s pretend that it came in today for the excitement purposes of today’s post!

At the beginning of last month, I won a fantastic giveaway from the lovely Priyanka over atĀ The Healthy Diary…a $35 gift certificate to CSN Stores. I, being the most indecisive person alive, took a whole month to figure out what to use it on. They were all sold out of my dream appliance, so I thought really hard and finally decided on this:

I’ve wanted one of these babies for a while! Even before Janetha & Marshall started cranking out drool-worthy bowls of stuff like this!

Of course, the only thing that could’ve made this day better would have been a miraculous recovery from this cold/sinus funk, but eh, you can’t have it all, right?

Well, I’m off to bed to dream of vanilla + peanut flour fro-yo topped with animal crackers and dark chocolate almond butter!

What are your favorite ice cream/fro-yo toppings?
Chocolate powder (not syrup), chopped nuts, and fresh fruit!

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