I Like My WIAW Quick & Easy

Hello beautiful ladies and handsome gentlem-…Matt! You guys sure know how to boost a girl’s ego! I just finished reading all the comments from yesterday and although the idea for PB&J Hummus came from just a simple craving, I AM feeling a bit GENIUS right now! Haha! Let me know what you think if you’re daring enough to try it!

So yeah, its Wednesday! And you know the only thing to look forward to on Wednesday, right?

I have to say that through the WIAW link ups, I have found a lot of really amazing blogs! I suggest you head on over to Peas & Crayons (ahem, AFTER reading my post of course) and drool over the links, um…I mean, check out the party!

Breakfast (7:00am)
Quick & Easy Chocolate Protein Pancakes
topped with peanut flour sauce
and 1/2 banana

(Un-pictured cup of 1/2 caf Joe)

Wanna know the secret to quick and easy weekday morning pancakes?

Only 3 ingredients: pancake mix, protein powder, water


Instant gratification breakfast!

This bit of brilliance brought to you by my girl Janetha of Meals & Moves!

Snack (11:00am)
Kashi Bar

Still kinda on the fence about this flavor. It’s definitely NOT “chewy”
Well, unless you have the jaw strength of a T-Rex!

Lunch (12:30pm)
Salad: Spinach, tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, carrots, celery, and zucchini
sprinkled with Garlic Gold Nuggets
Cottage cheese and nutritional yeast for a quick & easy “salad dressing”

Snack (3:00pm)
Voskos Greek yogurt with granola

What’s better than quick & easy?

Quick, easy, AND cheap!

Pre-workout Snack (5:00pm)

On my way to the gym, I had a date…he was so easy! 😉

Dinner (7:30pm)
Steamed squash and asparagus (I swear it’s under there)
topped with salsa & three pepper hummus
and a perfectly fried egg

And then thoroughly covered sprinkled with Mrs. Dash Crack!

The only down side to working out in the evening…I’m STARVING by the time I get out of the shower! Luckily this dinner was put together in less than 10 minutes!

Now that’s what I call quick & easy!

And of course my day involved lots of loving on this guy!

Best thing you ate today?

Do you have a quick & easy or shortcut method for making a favorite dish when you just don’t have the time?

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