A Fabulous Foodie Friday

Hello my friends! It’s finally Friday and time for a free and fun-loving weekend!

Ok, enough with the alliteration! =/ Haha!

Well, as you have probably figured out by now (because you are all highly intelligent people), I am in fact alive. The bigger question, did I get a good night’s sleep last night?


It’s about dang time! I actually slept for 9.5 hours and besides having to get up to pee twice…thank you camelbak…I woke up feeling great! In fact, I jumped right out of bed and did my workout first thing this morning which is something I NEVER do unless I have to (ie, during the work week).

Post workout, I refueled…

 My first iced coffee at the casa!
With almond milk and a couple drops of vanilla creme stevia


Who says pancakes are just for Sundays?

I used the simple, lazy girl recipe for protein pancakes using pancake mix, protein powder, and water, but this time I used one scoop of protein instead of two, threw in 1 tablespoon peanut flour and some maple extract and topped them with thinned peanut butter, carob chips, and maple syrup! Mmmm!

Definitely something to look forward to when you’re sweating your arse off with J. Dubb!

This afternoon, I ventured out to take a look at a couple of furniture stores to see what they had for desks and bedroom sets. I really need a desk for the office, and I H-A-T-E my master bedroom set that I currently have. I’m not exactly in the market (money-wise) for a new set at the moment, but I figured I could look around and get some ideas.

Well, I ended up getting a few ideas of what I DON’T want, but the trip was surely not a waste. I wandered over to Big Lots and was lucky enough to find some foodie gems!

Remind you of anything?

How bout now?

And a little girlie girl treat…new makeup!

Anyone ever tried anything from the e.l.f. line? I used to order from they’re website a lot before the products made it to the stores. Now, you can find it at Target, Walgreens, AND Big Lots! Yay!

When I got home from shopping, I was starving and I knew EXACTLY what I wanted!

Plain 0% Fage yogurt with 1/2 a banana, almonds, chia seeds, and


I knew it would be delicious…because I totally heart anything chia chai AND because it was the LAST one! 🙁


I enjoyed my YIAC (yogurt in a container) out on the patio while reading a book…don’t you just love all our blogger acronyms? I swear between blogging, the hospital, and texting, it’s a wonder I can even hold a conversation in proper English these days! Haha!

Yeah, so the book reading lasted all of about 30 minutes (it’s a slow starter) so I decided to do some baking instead…ever since Christin posted her cookie dough hummus balls the other day, I knew they had to be mine!

Things got a little messy

And I was FORCED to clean dishes

Notice I said “clean” and not wash


It was a hard job but somebody had to do it! 😉

While I baked up my balls (TWS…nah, nevermind), I decided to play a little “dress up”!

Showing off my teasing skillz!

Jess would be so proud!

Ta daaaaa the perfect bump!

And the new eyeshadow/eyeliner…me likes!

Annnnnnnd then, it was time for cookies balls!

Oh, did you wanna bite?

Open wiiiiiiiiide!

Aww, I’m sorry, they haven’t developed THAT technology yet!

Guess you’ll just have to make your own! 😉

Seriously, MAKE your own!

It’s the love child of a cookie and a bowl of dessert hummus! Get on these STAT!

Annnnd, just to prove that I can in fact add MORE to this incredibly long post…

Please take a few minutes to help out a fellow blogger with her psychology thesis, Kath at My Funny Little Life, and participate in this quick online survey! It’s easy and for a good cause! You’ll also be entered for a chance to win an Amazon voucher worth $30!

What was fabulous about your Friday?

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