Fly By Friday

So as you read this, I am getting ready to board my plane (and hoping to enjoy some FREE wi-fi..fingers crossed) and flying from good ol’ Tennessee to the beautiful…


The mess that was half my closet strewn across my bed…

Became sorted and organized:

From top…to bottom:

A delicious breakfast sandwich was enjoyed sloppily devoured in the car:

Incredible Greens infused egg whites on PB&J!

Coffee was consumed:

In my new mug that I just HAD to have the other day when I went to Walmart for hair gel and windshield wiper fluid (interesting combo, no?)

Car photography ensued:

See how excited I am about my new cup?…oh yeah, and the trip too! 😉

A boyfriend/chauffer was oogled:

Hugs and kisses were shared outside the airport:

Gonna miss this face this weekend!

Foot wear was exchanged:

And this blog post was typed out:

Whew! Whatta morning!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

And I can’t wait to see all you ladies who will be joining me at the
BLEND retreat in Boulder!

I’ll be back Monday with a full recap! 😉

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