Thirsty Thursday: The Wine Fest Edition

Happy {Thirsty} Thursday, peeps!

In case the marrrrrrrrgarita (roll those R’s, folks) talk on Tuesday wasn’t enough, I’m thinky drinky again today…for the record, it’s only a problem IF you admit that it is. But seriously, I don’t even drink all that much…which is probably why I was tipsy within the first 20 minutes of the wine festival I went to with my girls last weekend.
Note to self: “Pre-game” a week prior to next year’s festival. 😉

Wine Truth

Were truer words ever written?

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The day was absolutely perfect. Blue skies, puffy clouds, pink elephants. Oh yeah, we had it all.

Wine Fest Group Shot

Just me, the besties, a long lost friend from high school, the seeester, and two moms who, wouldn’t you know, were “resting” while this picture was taken.

Wine Fest Group Selfie

Tent to tent we went…photobombers not to lament.

Wine Fest with the Besties

Taking the time we sipped the wine and had fun in the summer sun.

Wine Fest Sister Selfie

Not all the chicks got loving licks…though I say, I really cannot boast

Wine Fest Mom Selfie

For after five hours, this Heather Powers was a little more than toast[ed]!

This little limerick brought to you by another good night’s sleep and waaaaaay too much time on my hands while waiting for Jason to wake up. Hmm, perhaps I should consider a career change? 😉

But seriously, we all had a blast. It was SO good to spend the whole day with my favorite ladies sharing laughs, making memories, and…learning lessons?

Wine Fest Loot

Like how next year, there WILL BE A BUDGET! 😯

So I got a little carried away with the swipey swipey. Funny how after a few drinks you start thinking that the plastic gods just shine down and provide you with an unlimited amount of money, huh? And how about my wine club order will arrive any day now?! Anyone care to come over and help me further my state of denial?

Bring cheese…and pretzels!

Have you ever been to a wine festival?

What is your favorite kind of wine?
I’m usually more of a semi-sweet/off-dry drinker, but I surprised myself by liking a lot of the sweeter wines that day.

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8 Responses to Thirsty Thursday: The Wine Fest Edition

  1. Ahhh I love wine festivals and the like! Every year my hometown has a food and wine show that I missed for the first time this last year…which made me sad. I’ll have to find one out here to go to.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yeah! I think I remember seeing a post about one of those once! I’d love to go to one of those type shows, but I feel like I’d have to tap out too soon to make it worth it. Lol

  2. Sounds awesome! I’m visiting the West Coast next week and we are hitting up Napa Valley so I’m sure I’ll be coming home with several bottles!

  3. I actually enjoy the sweeter wines so I’d be happy to come over and help you polish off some of those bottles. Also, I’m going to a restaurant tonight specifically so I can order one of their appetizers: pretzel bites with a gouda cheese sauce. Mmmm. I know you appreciate that.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Ohhhhhhmaaaaaagawwwwwwd! How were they? Wait, don’t tell me! No, tell me! Ahhhh! As if I wasn’t jealous enough over your trip to see Laura and Lucie! Waaaaah! <- Ignore me, really. 😉 Gah, I can't wait to see you innnnnnnnn FOUR DAAAAAAAAAAYS!!!

  4. I’ve been to a lot of food fests, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wine fest before?! I have a feeling I’d love it though. I mean, hello, it’s a day full of drinking wine! 😀

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