Music Monday: The Loufest 2nd Edition

Hey there, kiddos!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m typing this up BEFORE heading up to St. Louis for my second turn at outdoor musical festivities. I’ve already reviewed the park map, made a mental note of some of the eateries I want to try from the “Nosh Pit”, and of course compiled a playlist for the trip.

Though I’m not as pumped as I was last time, I did find a few bands other than Misterwives that I’m excited/curious to see. Also, I’m happy to announce that there will be quite a few Nashvillians on the stages this year…none of which are country! Yee haw!

Robert Delong

It only took me about five seconds to I fell head over heels in love with this guy after hitting play on this song. The more I listened, the more my excitement grew and I just HAD to hear more. Then, without even realizing it, I was singing right along. And if he doesn’t completely blow your mind with his impressive combination of beats AND lyrics, just look at the boy go…he’s a one man band!

Milo Greene

And now on the flip side, we have a quintet with FOUR lead singers and ONE name! This was the first song that piqued my interest. Then, after watching this video followed by this video, I was convinced that they’re live performances are amazing and ready to witness it first-hand. The only curiosity that remains is…how WILL Marlana’s hair look? 😉

Colony House

This is one of the bands that I’m so happy will be representing Nashville. While the lead singer and the drummer are sons of Christian pop musician Steven Curtis Chapman, they definitely have more of a rock edge. I was introduced to them back in February when they performed before Sir Sly at the KONGOS concert and they totally seriously brought down the house!

Lord Huron

More like Lord Have MERCY! There’s just something about that voice. I tend to lean more toward pop and rock side of the indie spectrum, but these guys make me say, “FOLK YEAH?!” <- Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, this video is super cute…and perhaps some of you might recognize Pretty Little Liars’ own Shane Correy as the fool?

Young the Giant

The first time I heard “Cough Syrup” back in 2011, I loved it, but unfortunately, I never really took the time to check out YTG more closely until recently. Since I pretty much gave up radio listening a year or so ago, I’ve missed the stuff off their newer album so it kinda feels like Christmas over here!

Alright, so just like last year, I was able to come up with a 50-song playlist only this time it’s more of a wider range sampling. And if you scroll down a bit…yep, you’re seeing that right, Billy Idol and Ludacris are gonna be there! Craziness!

What is your current favorite song?

What’s your best guess at Billy Idol’s age? 😉

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Thinking Out Loud: Confessions

Hey guys, remember me?

I’m just gonna be straight with you…it’s hard as HELL to get back into the swing of things after taking most of the summer off from blogging. I’ve been staring at a blank screen for an hour or so now and that’s not including the time I spent cleaning the house, scrolling through Pinterest, scrolling through Instagram, and walking into the kitchen to peer into the fridge…otherwise known as Heather’s top procrastination techniques.

So maybe if I just come clean about a few things, we can all forgive, forget, and forge on. Sound good to you? Sounds good to me. Ok. Deep breath. Here goes.

I confess…

That in the last few weeks I’ve felt a stirring within me to get back in the kitchen…perhaps brought on by my rekindled Pinterest romance. Yet, the few times I’ve actually had the opportunity to try out a recipe, I’ve just not been in the mood.

I confess…

That I accepted praise from Jason for a meal that he actually cooked. In my defense, it took a good four to five jars of random condiments to come up with a good peanut sauce since I accidentally left the jar of store-bought stuff at his apartment.

Labor Day Chicken & Rice

I confess…

That I made him wait at least five minutes for allow me time to take pictures of HIS plate in the backyard because it looked prettier than mine.

I confess…

That I just reworded that last sentence about ten times. Grrrr!

Rocksbox Selfie

I confess…

That I’ve found yet another way to further my addiction with shiny sparkly things. I received my second Rocksbox delivery yesterday and I’m absolutely in love! Full review will be coming soon.

I confess…

That the above picture is only one of the TWENTY-FIVE shots that were taken after donning my new jewels.


I confess…

That I’ve spent more time this month in and around books than ever before. After telling Jason about it for more than a year now, I finally took him to McKay’s Books in Nashville last week. While he had the typical overwhelmed response of a first-timer and walked out empty-handed, I managed to find eight books under $1 and one for $4!

I confess…

That I DEVOURED Summer Sisters in just over twenty-four hours and have since moved on to One Day. Also? I got more than a little amusement out of the fact that a character out of each book share the same last name. Like whoa! 😯

FroyoI confess…

That most of my Berry Bear cups are 50/50 froyo to toppings. That I never even see fruit as an option. That I got a little miffed they were out of cookie dough.That I went specifically to try the horchata gelato and I actually liked the toppings more. And that regardless, the entire cup was gone in about five minutes.

I confess…

That my computer is driving me fucking crazy for the last few months because everything I do seems takes double the amount of time to register with the damn thing. You really don’t want to know how long it took me to add these last two confessions.

And now, I must end this before I throw my laptop out the back door. Besides, I’ve got a “Music Monday” post that I’d REALLY like to get ready before I leave for Loufest tomorrow…and I need every ounce of patience I still have left. And you? Well you have a bunch of links to check out over at Spoons, don’tcha?


What will you confess today?

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August: Always, Adorned, and Addicted

What’s up, loverlies?


Just popping in with a “Currently” post and them I’m off to enjoy more of this ahhhhhhmazing August weather before I have to get ready for work. Seriously, it feels like fall but looks like summer (read: no humidity has this long mane looking fahhhhBUlous).
Yep, I could definitely get used to this.

And before I forget: The winner of my favorite Soybu yoga capris has been selected. Check and see if it was you by clicking HERE! Thank you all so much for entering!

Alright now, let’s do tha damn thing!

Current Confession:

To clear up any confusion that THIS post may have caused (honestly, I was wondering how many people would actually catch it), I am NOT currently sporting anything sparkly on a certain finger BUT…we have been shopping!

*Insert shit-eating grin here*

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

Current Book:

 As of right now, I’m midway through the fourth Harry Potter book, The Goblet of Fire. Though I’m pretty sure I could just keep my hand over the spine and tell everyone I’m reading War and Peace. I’m looking at you Mr. Seven Hundred Thirty-Fifth page! Well, not at this exact moment…but I will…by next week at least. 😉

Current Music:

So my music soul mate just introduced Jason and me to RL Grimes a couple of weeks ago. Since then, this song has been on repeat on both our phones. Oh and can I just say, this little bear equalizer thingie? Totally reminds me of this game from when I was a kid. Anyone else remember Hair Bear? So.much. FUN…for about five minutes, right?

Jewelry Selfie

Current Guilty Pleasure:  

So a couple of weeks ago, my mom hosted another Premier Jewelry show. I wore my new gems I bought during MY last party. Then I proceeded to spend a hundred bucks on more. And I signed up to host another show. And now I want about ten more items. I keep trying to tell you…I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

Current Entertainment:

Let’s just say that I’m bordering the need for an intervention when it comes to Pinterest lately. What started as an innocent app addition to my phone later turned into every single inactive moment of every day is spent looking at sparkly things, or house decorating ideas, or DIY crafts, or cheesy dip recipes or…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow, my phone suddenly burst into flames and turns to ash before my eyes.

Current Wish/Needs:

Well, by the look of this Pinterest board, I need some construction paper, an old T-shirt, a leaf, a couple of doilies, some spray paint, and about 400 aluminum cans. Oh and about three months off from work to sit and home and DIY myself silly.
Hmm, that sounds kinda dirty doesn’t it? 😉

Wine & Grapes

Current Food:

Cotton candy grapes. Non-GMO fucking cotton.candy.GRAPES! Seriously people, if you’ve never tasted the sheer delight that is this sweet perfection of a fruit, you better get your ass to a store and find them QUICK! The season only lasts for a few weeks. I’m already on my third bag! 😉

Current Drink:

See that bottle of wine up there? How about in the three or four bottles that Jason and I have opened from Wine Fest, this ONE BOTTLE has been the only one that hasn’t tasted sickeningly sweet to me. Note to self: Drunken shopping sprees are NOT a good idea. Next year, the wallet stays with mom!

Current Triumphs:

On a spur-of-the-moment trip to K-Mart last night, I happened to find some patio furniture for next to nothing! Yep, no more dragging the couch cushions out onto the porch when I want a comfy place to sit…#noshame

Gym Selfie

Also? In the last week, I’ve made it to the gym FIVE times AND today, Jason and I hiked over three and a half miles at the park! I’m gettin’ ma groove back y’all!

Current Bane of Existence:

The four-hour drive to go see the girls every other week. And that’s just there. It’s another four hours back. Ugh. Needless to say, we’re counting down the days to fall break!

Current Blogger Crush:

Sorry guys, I’ve been too busy reading War and Peace. 😉

Brownie Batter Limited Edition Oreos

Current Indulgence:

Seriously?! Everybody knows the best part of making brownies is licking the bowl. Dear Nabisco, whatever crazy chemistry you’re doing in your test kitchens to get this stuff to taste SPOT on…please, DON’T STOP!!

August Flowers

Current Blessing:

On Wednesday, we went to see the girls. While we were there, we stopped in Whole Foods for a bit, when we came out, the girls surprised me with a bouquet of flowers they had bought while Jason distracted me. I almost burst into tears on the spot.

August Currently Selfie

Current Outfit:

Umm, is it bad that I bought this top to match my bracelet? 😉

Current Excitement:

Though I’m not on the edge of my seat quite like I was last year (Hello Portugal. The Man AND Arctic Monkeys in the same venue!), I am excited to be going ton LouFest 2015 in a couple of weeks if not for anything but to dance my ass off to some Misterwives!

Current Link:

Current Mood:

Is “like the luckiest woman in the world” a mood? If not, it should be.

What is your “current” triumph?

What about your “current” guilty pleasure?

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