But Wait…There’s More!

Happy Saturday bloggies! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I planned to get a lot done in the packing department today, but instead I decided to have a spur of the moment garage sale! I’ve never actually hosted (threw?) a garage sale before…usually I figure that I’m just too impatient to wait around all day and end up toting it all to Goodwill, but today, I got a wild hair and decided “what the heck!”

So I set up “shop” around 11am!

And then I sat there…in my garage…for what seemed like forever until I got my first customer. She looked around a bit and asked about a tv I was trying to sell. I, being quite the saleslady (thank you years of retail experience) was able to get her to buy not only the TV, but also the large TV stand and I even “threw in” a cheapo DVD player! 😉

But wait…there’s more! After she hand me the luscious green slips for the above, she spotted something else…my old crock pot!

Sadly, this was my only sales victory for the day…as in I never even had another customer and called it quits around 3pm. I may try again tomorrow, but even if I decide not to, heck, I made 85 bucks!

I never actually had lunch or dinner today…and breakfast was not very photogenic (French toast with cinnamon/raisin Ezekiel bread covered in unsweetened coconut and 2 Applegate chicken sausages). Today was more of a snacky day…

I FINALLY broke down and made Evan’s peanut butter chocolate chip dessert hummus. Wow! I swear it tastes JUST like peanut butter cookie dough! Makes me not feel so bad about eating it straight up with a spoon…I mean… 😉

Open wide!

I call this my celebratory snack…
Eaten after I knocked the dust off my superb selling abilities!

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thin topped with goat cheese, cinnamon, chia seeds, and pecans.
I Loooooove goat cheese with cinnamon!

I’ve also been grazing on some mixed nuts throughout the day that were a gift to me for Christmas.

A mix of perfectly roasted and salted peanuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.

Wait a minute…do you see any pecans in there? Oh yeah…I picked those out months ago! Haha!

So, no exact meals by definition for the day, but still nutritious and delicious! Some days are just meant for snacking!

But wait…there’s more!

May I have a drum roll please?

. . .

I accidentally made protein ice cream! 😀

Tropical Coconut Protein Ice Cream

  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk (carton, not can)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 cups frozen tropical fruit (my mix is pineapple, mango, peaches, and steebies)

This started out as a protein smoothie, but I got a little heavy handed with the frozen fruit…oops! When I removed the top of my food processor, I discovered  a creamy soft serve ice cream consistency so I popped it in the freezer for a bit to thicken up a little more and then enjoyed a bowl topped with unsweetened coconut, graham crackers, and freeze-dried steebies!

Yeah, so remember that ice cream/fro-yo maker I bought last month? Not so sure if I’ll be needing it now!

Have you ever made homemade ice cream?

What’s your favorite flavor?
I usually prefer vanilla, but I loved the tropical taste of this…a little sweet and a little tart and a LOT perfect!

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35 Responses to But Wait…There’s More!

  1. Ma Ma Megan says:

    way to go on your garage sell! It’s a great way to get paid to get rid of stuff! woohoo.
    My family just had one a while ago, but they want to do another one! I guess they found more junk? ha.
    I have got to make that dessert hummus soooon 🙂

  2. paijery says:

    omgsh your meals look amazing! I haaave to try that dessert hummus! It looks incredible!

  3. lindsay says:

    congrats on your garage sale!! feels good to get rid of stuff, right? and i love protein ice cream. Hits the spot every time!

  4. Ania says:

    Goat cheese with cinnamon – why have I never thought of it? I am obsessed with goat cheese (ask my boyfriend – he gets nauseous when he sees it, that’s how much I use!) and I knew it goes well with sweet, but not cinnamon. Goat cheese with rucola, honey and nuts – aaa! 😉

    When it comes to ice cream flavors, I am quite traditional – chocolate will always be my number one, right after that vanilla. I rather avoid fruity, alcoholic or ‘smurfy’ flavors 😛 Unless it’s a sorbet, then everything is lovely! I remember when I went to Italy as a child and they weren’t using ice cream scoops, but huge shovel-like things! My gosh, one ice cream there was like 4 normal here 😀

    • Oh my goodness! It’s funny, because I call the huge bowls they use at the self-serve fro-yo shops “troughs”! haha!

      Mmm, that salad sounds yummy! My fave is spinach, goat cheese, strawberries, and pecans with a strawberry vinaigrette dressing!

  5. Mowenackie says:

    I love goat cheese, too, but never had it with cinnamon. Can’t wait to try it! I just love new food ideas.

    Yes, I have made homeade ice cream: chocolate coconut milk. It’s easy and ridiculously good.

  6. Congrats on the $85! That is awesome. We have a ton of crap that needs to go and we really need to see if we can sell any of it. We talk about moving from time to time and when we do, I think we are just going to take out everything we want to keep and have people come over and make their best offer. We have a few things we love, like our steel case desks and a few other things, but really, the rest could go as far as I’m concerned. If you are selling today…good luck! Oh and I am so a vanilla girl! I love peanut butter and honey on top though! YUM!

    • Thanks Sarena!

      Haha! Wouldn’t that be nice! Wouldn’t have to worry about hauling it anywhere! I’m not much for material items either…which is why I’m so surprised by how much stuff I actually have! Honestly, there are only a few things that I “couldn’t live without” but yet, here I am packing up my ump-teenth box of kitchen stuff! Haha!

      Mmm, PB and honey sounds fantastic…never tried it!

  7. Everything in this post looks delicious!! I made homemade peach ice cream with my dad when I was about 7 so I can’t really say I actually know how. My sister used to have a boyfriend with an ice cream maker so he would bring over homemade ice cream on occasion.. loved him! My favorite flavor in general is butter pecan but I do love anything coconut!

  8. I’ve attempted cinnamon ice cream which was pretty good!! I put cinnamon chips in it too. I think the best part was putting it in the ice cream maker and watching it go round and round!!
    Congrats in your garage sale. We’ve been meaning to have one FOREVER and it’s just never happened. I’m glad to know that they can be such a success!

  9. One of my favorite flavors is Butter Pecan! 😀 Peanut Butter too! 😀

    Congrats on your 85 bucks! 🙂


  10. Jenny says:

    Girl I abuse my boyfriends ice cream maker like there’s no tomorrow. I love making vanilla fro-yo and chocolate too. Btw have you tried Alternative Bagels? It’s the same calories as the bagel thins but they are thicker!! 😀

  11. Lee says:

    Hehe, that reminds me of when I got all this candy for Halloween and we had ONE trick or treater. Although your situation was definitely better. The trick or treater didn’t pay me for the candy.

    I like vanilla too, preferably with some sort of candy like mix in.

    • Oh no! I come from a little town where practically everyone that lives there drives to this one subdivision to take all their kids trick or treating. For my first Halloween in my house, I figured, “Hey, I live in subdivision now…it’s gonna be crazy!” So I bought like 5 huge bags of candy…yeah, I had about 6 or 7 kids! Haha! It took me WEEKS to get rid of all that candy!

  12. Only you… only you would be in the middle of a flipping move and still make amazing from scratch meals and make them look so damn good! I’m jealous — and ridiculously happy for you all at the same time =)

    where the frick do you get chia seeds from? my co-op only has chia powder I think? lame!

    • Haha! Aww, thanks mini wheat! 😉 I actually got my chia seeds at Whole Foods, but I know you can get them MUCH cheaper online (obvs didn’t know this BEFORE I bought the little buggers)!

  13. Katie says:

    I used to make protein ice cream all the time, it was my night time snack! I need to do it again!

    Woohoo for the garage sale money made girl!!!! Great day for you!!!

    Have a beautiful Sunday night! xoxo

  14. Evan Thomas says:

    Glad you liked the hummus!
    That tin of mixed nuts would not last long enough around me. I’m definitely a grazer.
    I love homemade ice cream. I can’t wait for the Summer to start churning away. And it’s so much cheaper when you make it yourself, too!

  15. Loove pecans! And I normally like vanilla ice cream with lots of “stuff” mixed in.
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words on my last post, it made me smile!

  16. I still haven’t made protein ice cream! I need to get on that 🙂

    My family used to have garage sales once every few months when I was a kid. I don’t know if I would have the patience for it now, though. I’m sure I could have made some money with all of the clothes I got rid of a few months ago, but I took them to Goodwill instead!

  17. WOAH! 85 bucks is AWESOME for a garage sale! esp for one customer!! ivenever had a garage sale- they dont do those things over here :(.. they always sound fun! same with lemonade stands.. they dont exist here 🙁 BOO!
    OMG you made protein ice cream! that ROCKS! i would say vanilla too 😀

    • Really? They don’t have yard/garage sales in England? I never knew that was just an American thing!

      How funny would it be if you just set out a bunch of stuff on your front lawn one weekend?! People would be like, whaaaa? Haha!

  18. I love how you accidentally made ice cream! 🙂 That’s hilarious/awesome. What a fun surprise! It looks sooo good and healthy. My fave flav is probably chocolate peanut butter is one form or another. I will never get sick of that combo.

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  20. Michelle says:

    I’ve tried to make my own protein ice cream but I used guar gum and it turned out kinda, well, gummy, haha. I love how it you used so much fruit! I’m going to have to try that next time. Also, I’m sure it helped that you put it back in the fridge for a bit. Great idea!

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  23. You’re making me hungry! Which Applegate Chicken Sausage flavor did you fancy? We have Maple, Sage and Apple. Just curious to see what went with the Ezekiel bread, thanks! http://www.applegatefarms.com/frozen_food.aspx

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