The Journey Starts Here

Hello my friends! It was so fun reading all of your endings to the phrase, “Keep calm and _______” from yesterday’s post. I love all the different takes on it.

This morning, I woke up a little early and went for my first jaunt around the neighborhood. There are a TON of hills in my new subdivision so I kept it to a brisk walk, but I definitely still got my heart rate up…I was sweatin’! After about 20 minutes (it started raining), I came in and finished up with some light upper body, jumping jacks, and crunches. It felt great to finally get in some exercise that wasn’t lifting and moving heavy boxes/furniture!

For breakfast I was craving another bagelwich, but this time I put a little spin on it…

Instead of cheese, I made my sammie with one of my favorite combos…sunflower butter and nutritional yeast. Oh my sweet and savory, it was sooooo good!

Served alongside my first (bargain) Stonyfield yogurt. WOW! Even though I’m not usually a fan of any yogurt that’s not Greek, this was amazing! Totally hitting up Kroger the next chance I get to buy them out of their stock get a few more of these!

After breakfast, I finished getting ready, made my lunch and then Andy and I were off to work! On the way there, I realized something…

This place is finally starting to feel like home!

I think it has to do with getting up and starting a routine. There was just something about the waking up, working out, making/eating breakfast, getting ready, making lunch that really made it sink in…this is MY home!

I know I usually keep everything here on the blog pretty lighthearted, but I just have to get serious for a minute about this sudden mix of emotions. I made mention in the beginning about how the house I lived in before belonged to my ex. This house is more than just a “new place” for me though…it is me moving on and starting completely fresh and new! This is a whole ‘nother chapter…heck, another BOOK in my life and I am both nervous and excited when thinking about the future, but at the same time feeling little pains in my chest when remembering how I got to this point.

It’s been almost eight months since my divorce. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty independent person, but in these past eight months (and for some time before), I have really grown and come to understand a new sense of independence. No way in the world would I be where I am today without the constant love and support from the Lord and my friends and family.

I am so excited to share this new journey I’m about to begin with all of you! I have made so many new connections and friendships since starting this blog only a little over 4 months ago. You guys have no idea the amount of support and motivation I’ve felt over this time. I love you all!

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