WIAW: A Little Sweet, a Little Savory

Hey hey my peoples! Hope you are all having a great week so far! Only two more days till the weekend…so you know what that means!

Time for another What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast (7:00am)
Ashley’s French Toast Oats
topped with
cocoa almonds, dried cherries, and carob chips
(and a mug of un-pictured 1/2 caf coffee with cinnamon)

I was really excited to try Ashley’s newest oat creation. I didn’t have any bananas or maple syrup but it was still perfectly delicious. The addition of a whole egg during cooking makes for some SUPER creamy oats (I used all Irish oats and looks at how smooth and creamy it came out!)

Lunch (12:30pm)
Salad “trough” topped with a TJ’s veggie burg, hummus mixed with
balsamic vinegar, and nooch

Snack (4:30pm)
Plain Low-fat Stonyfield yogurt topped with a Lundberg brown rice cake,
cinnamon and chia seeds

Dinner (8:00pm)
1/2 cup oats cooked in water topped with nooch, Mrs. Dash crack, steamed
broccoli, yellow peppers, 1/3 avocado, and mild salsa

I promise there are oats under there!

This was one of the first savory oats combos that I’ve made without topping with a fried egg. I just LOVE the flavor/texture of a runny yolk mixed into creamy oats, but I didn’t even miss it in this bowl! The combo was absolutely perfect and satisfied my raging veggie craving!

And of course my day included appearances by…

and lots of water! Including tea, I drank about 80 ounces of water! Pretty darn good for a girl who frequently forgets to drink more than 1 cup! 😉

What’s the best thing you ate today?

Is it hard for you to remember to drink more water?


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