Saturday’s Highlights

Hello peeps! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! And for those of you traveling for the holiday, be safe!

So today was a lazy Saturday here in Casa de Broccoli! I actually only got out of my pajamas a few hours ago…and that was only because I needed to run to the store…for carrots and milk…because I’m practicing my bunny munching skills…and ya know, milk to wash it down with! Duh! 😉

Wanna know the highlights of my lazy day?




Getting carried away with my newest obsession!
Excuse me as I pin everything I see like I’m going to buy it all and decorate the new house with it!

#keepdreaming 😉

Finally making a “dent” in my reader!

One day Google Reader…you will be under 100 unread items!

Realizing that Megan planned out each and every breakfast for me next week with herBreakfast Hall of Fame post!

Smoothie Girl Deb’s Protein Fudge Muffin
Appropriately drizzled with peanut butter! 🙂

After seeing this on HEAB’s blog, I just HAD to try it for myself! It definitely did not disappoint!

And I may have caught myself drooling over SP Cookie Queen’s Strawberry Lemonade Waffles!

Don’t they just scream “SUMMER!”

And finally, one of the brightest highlights…Nicole’s Healthy Monkey Cookies!


What was a highlight from your Saturday?

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