A Very Green Day

Hey guys! Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday! I have to say mine is going rather peachy! 😉

The other day as I was driving to work, no not THAT day, but another day, I heard something on the radio about a green event going on here in Clarksville. They said something about local farm stands, a recycled art contest, and free goody bags to the first 100 people to show up…welllll, you don’t have to twist my arm! 😉

I got pretty excited about it before I even arrived! For those of you unfamiliar with the south, it really is hard to find people who are interested in sustainability, renewable resources, or even recycling. I think a lot of it is due to plain ol’ ignorance when it comes down to it. People don’t understand how easy it is to make certain lifestyle changes that can benefit the environment, their health, and their wallets!

Anywho, enough ranting! How bout some pics?!

First up, the recycled art contest put on by some of the local elementary schools:

 A “quilt” made out of woven plastic grocery bags

 A recreation of some buildings from downtown

 A hornet made from plastics and empty TP rolls

 T-Rex! Love his bottle cap teeth!

 The “Good”

Versus the “Bad”

And the bridge between!

 A recycled recycling plant

I loved all the little details!

 And I couldn’t get enough of the “bolt men”!

Seriously, how flippin’ cute are these guys?!

They even had their very own stop light!

So I’m sure you guys can guess which one I voted for! 😉

After checking out the art contest, I perused some of the other stands.

I found this stand selling local honey, jams, fresh eggs, and veggies

And well, I couldn’t turn down $2 for a dozen!

 Then I found these guys! Guess where Heather’s getting her grass-fed beef from now on?

I already pre-ordered 4 pounds! 😉

Then I admired a local artist’s take on old pieces of jewelry.

All made from old bracelets, earrings, etc! Aren’t they beautiful?

I learned a lot about some of the new ZERO ENERGY homes being built on the base
(I live very close to Ft. Campbell)

And I talked to a woman about “clean” household cleaning supplies.
I REALLY need to look into this…I was sure to get a catalog from her!

On the way out, I admired all the pretty things that I would kill if I took them home! 🙁


Then I spotted tomato plants for a BUCK!

And of course, one screamed “Take me with you!”

He fit nicely in Andy’s cup holder!

Just keep this little guy in your prayers! I swear I have a black thumb!

He needs a name!

Any suggestions?

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