Look Who Came Home!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on yesterday’s Mother’s Day recap! And I understand that most of you simply wanted to spare my feelings and say that my sis and I tied for Daughter of the Year Award…it’s ok, I know she kicked my butt, but you better believe it’s on in July when my mom’s birthday rolls around! 😉

So I have some super fantabulous incredibly awesome news!

(Is that enough adjectives for ya?)

Look who came back home today!

That’s right! Vickie Vibe is back where she belongs…in my arms garage!

It was a rocky separation period. As many of you may recall, there was much grief in the first few days after Vickie left to go “find herself.” As much as my heart was breaking on the inside, I managed to keep a smile on my face. And then, a new character came into my life.

Andy the Avenger

It was hard at first, getting comfortable with a new ride. His leather seats didn’t cradle me the same as Vickie’s…his lights needed to be turned on manually…I honestly didn’t know if I was ready for that type of commitment. In the end, he seduced me with his satellite radio, smooth ride, and power windows and soon I forgot all about my broken heart. What can I say, I was a very vulnerable woman…and he was there for me.

Then, the adventurous love affair started to fizzle. I started to notice Andy’s faults…like his need for $50.00 worth of gas each week and his uncanny ability to weigh down my driving leg. I started to think back to the good ol’ days when Vickie and I would drive around getting lost on purpose and riding with the windows down jamming to our favorite tunes on warm sunny days. I started to miss what we had.

I decided today, that I would just swallow my pride and call over to her mother’s house (aka “The Body Shop”) and confess that I was indeed the one who did wrong and ask her for her forgiveness.

Her brother answered the phone (he’s a real grease monkey) and much to my surprise, before I could even explain why I was calling, he told me that she was ready…ready to come back home!

I started to get butterflies in my stomach…Would it still feel the same between us? How would she look? Would her side panels look better different? How was I going to break up with Andy?

I gathered all the courage and will I could muster and took Andy to get some gas (always nice to butter ’em up before you let ’em down, right?). I simply explained to him that I didn’t feel we were meant for each other…he needed to be fast and free and I’ve got bills (and tickets) to pay and a new house to look after. He was a little hurt at first, but seemed to understand where I was coming from. And as I walked into “The Body Shop,” I did manage to catch one last glimpse of him sparkling in the afternoon sun and let’s be honest, you have to appreciate a good body when you see one! 😉

I brought Vickie home shortly after and I’m not going to lie, it was a bit awkward at first. She smells like grease and that warm embrace I used to know was a little loose, but I know that in a few days (after a bath and a good seat adjustment), everything will fall back into place and it’ll be like the separation never happened. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she got a nice little makeover while at her mother’s.



*Note: There is still one detail left to complete (see the tape) to finish her complete makeover…should be done by Friday.

Why do I suddenly have Michael Buble’s song “Home” stuck in my head? Man, wouldn’t THAT make this day complete if he came home WITH Vickie? *Swoon*

Well, I’m off to think of gift ideas for Vickie…which will DEFINITELY include a new air freshener! ‘Night!

Tell me, what made YOUR day today?

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