WIAW: Something Cheesy, Something Blue

Hey guys! Thanks so much for the welcome wishes for dear dear Vickie! It’s so good to have her home again!

Are you ready of another edition of What I Ate Wednesday? I know I sure am!

I swear I look more and more forward to Wednesdays each week!

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Alright! Let’s do this thang!

Breakfast (6:20am)
Donna’s Chocolate Blueberry Breakfast Cookie
A mug of “lifeforce” black with cinnamon…the way nature intended!

Have you checked out Donna’s blog over at Love, Run & Travel? I love her personality and sense of humor…definitely a girl who knows how to laugh at herself! My kind of woman right there! I was perusing her latest posts last night, and when I saw her microwaveable breakfast cookie recipe, I knew EXACTLY what I was having for breakfast this morning.

I subbed in carob chips for the chocolate, used vanilla in place of the Splenda, and went with frozen bloobs since the fresh ones are so dang expensive right now!

It was absolutely perfect! A very slight amount of sweetness from the banana, a little tart from the bloobs, and the carob? Well, I you guys know by now how deep my love for carob is!

Closssssssse Up!

Snack (9:40am)
Strawberry Soy Joy Bar
Sooooo much better than there Banana Butt Bread flavor!

Lunch (12:15pm)
Salad beast with nooch and pine nut hummus and a big JUICY orange!

Green leaf lettuce, carrots, green bell pep, portobello mushrooms, zucchini, cherry
tomatoes, and green onions with some TJ’s 21 Salute sprinkled on top!

I know, I totally surprised you with the salad for lunch, right? 😉

Pre-workout Snack (3:00pm)
My new go-to pre-sweat sesh nibble…the biggest date I can find!

Post-workout (4:30pm)
Chocolate protein shake mixed with water

I did a 5 mile run with a few walk breaks for a time total of 51:24. It was hot…and windy…and I totally forgot sunscreen! I know, my bad…my bad! :-/

When I got back in, I was super shaky and knew I needed some fuel, but couldn’t stomach (haha, get it?) the thought of food. Then I remembered the sample packs of protein powder I received a few months ago from a local Arbonne representative!

I’m always excited to try new things, but I have to say that working in a nutrition/supplement store for four years while in college made me seriously picky when it comes to protein shakes!

So what did I think of the Arbonne Essentials chocolate protein powder?

…thumbs down! 🙁

With the first sip, I thought, “Mmm, not bad, not bad.” Then, I swallowed and the aftertaste came in…and it was SOOO super sweet! I almost chucked it, but I really didn’t want to clean Mr. Bullet and start over, so I just added a tablespoon of peanut flour to it and thankfully that made it tolerable.

As soon as I had my first sip, I flipped over the package to see why on earth it was so sweet tasting…how about sugar being the FIRST frickin’ ingredient?! 9 grams? Seriously?

Oh Arbonne, you can do so much better! 🙁

Now that the sugar coma has worn off, I’m about to head into the kitch and whip up some BFD (breakfast for dinner)!

Dinner (7:15pm)
Kristina’s Popped Quinoa & Cheesy Eggs 

I’ve made this for breakfast TWICE this week! It is THAT good…may not be the most photogenic, but so amazingly delicious! And it’s ready to eat in no time!

Crispy crunchy (I can’t believe it’s not butter popcorn) quinoa with ooey gooey cheesy and runny egg yolk…what more could you ask for? Maybe some more fruit salad…sadly, I finished it off yesterday! 🙁

Oh and can I get a heck yeah? Here in just a minute I will have downed THREE of these suckers today! That’s 96 ounces!

I’m bringing sexy camel bak! 😉

What is your favorite protein powder?
My favorite is American Sports Nutrition, but I’ve been out for months and have been too lazy to buy it online. I used to get if from the gym I went to…ugh, I should’ve stocked up!

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