Jam Packed

Hello beautiful people! Hope you are all having a maaaaarvelous holiday weekend! Maybe even enjoying some beautiful weather?

I made another trip to the farmer’s market first thing this morning and wow, what a difference it made! The early bird foodie catches the worm produce!

Take a basket the man said…

Fill it up with as much as you want

all for ten bucks!

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice!

Only he didn’t know I have a Degree in packing…

Hello little green beans!

Mr. Potato…I didn’t see you there!

I really feel a little guilty…

poor guy never saw it coming!


I also sampled and purchased a loaf of freshly baked marble rye!


Other finds…

Jaaaaa-uicy steebies

An oldie and a newbie!

How cute is the name “traffic jam”?

Rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries!

After jamming it up at the market, I wanted to get a workout in, but it was too pretty of a day to stay indoors. Although I had a fantastic run on Tuesday, I just wasn’t feeling it today so I decided to knock the dust off the ol’ bicycle and take it for a spin!

Jazz hands…biker style!

There she is in all her pink glory!

Equipped with my “princess” seat

Am I the only one who gets a sore tush from a traditional bike seat?

After a good 9 1/2 miles (I know, I’m sure my butt will be thanking me in the morning!),
I needed some cool refreshment!

Hmm, did you know that S.bux DUMPS sugar in their choco milk?? Unfortunately, my much-needed refreshment had to wait until I got home to water milk down my beverage to suit my palate. Good news is instead of $3 for one chocolate milk (highway robbery), I ended up with two (small victory)!

I think I’ve done a fine job of perfecting balance in my life today because since I got home from my ride I have done…absolutely nothing! Haha! Feels great to be lazy, ESPECIALLY when you’ve already busted out an early workout!

Now, I’m going to finish the evening catching up with my favorite cereal serial killer…

Don’t worry Dex, your secret’s safe with me! 😉

What’s your favorite TV show?
As you know, I don’t have cable, but I do like using Netflix to catch up with a few of my faves: Dexter, Glee, and True Blood!

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