Finer Things Friday

Some days it’s just best to stop and appreciate the finer things in life. Things like…


Finally making it to the weekend!

Waking up to a ready-made breakfast

Ahh, Peaches ‘n Cream Overnight Oats
how you make my morning!

Realizing your workout from last night was better than you thought

Oh, it hurts so good!

(stupid computer won’t embed the video!)

Turning the radio on first thing to your favorite (at the moment) song

Even though the video is totally creepy :-/

Diving into a trough bowl of fro-yo for dinner after a 10+ hour shift

Don’t judge!

My peanut butter & cake batter flavors were topped
with all the major food groups:

chocolate, cherries, and SPRINKLES!!

And speaking of sprinkles…

The excitement that comes when reading all the sweet comments on my newest kitchen concoction!

And finally, quiet evenings at home spent with some new friends

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What is a finer thing you enjoyed this Friday?

Any big plans for this holiday weekend?
No big plans for me…debating on a TJ’s/WF’s run and I have to work on Monday…boo!

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