Drunk on Wheat Grass

Hello my little cheese heads! Sounds like a lot of you want in on the strawberry and goat cheese action from yesterday’s post! I assure you they WERE as good as they looked…only next time, I may try doubling the recipe as I had to pair my little cakes with some Greek yogurt to satisfy the beast in da bellay! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So as I alluded to in yesterday’s post, I enjoyed the last part of my weekend in my favorite place within four walls…Trader Joe’s! Well, ok, I may have stopped at Whole Foods first annnnnnnd after spending TWO HOURS in there (and practically carving out my right kidney to pay the cashier), the Trader Joe’s stop was more of an “in-and-out with a purpose”!

While at Whole Foods, I decided to get a little brave…anyone ever tried a wheat grass shot straight up?

Smoothie Man approves!

But does Heather?

Do you really have to ask?

From the looks of my receipt, I’m thinking Smoothie Man must’ve slipped a little sumthin’ sumthin’ into my magical green nectar…you THINK I’m lying about the kidney??

I wish!

Organic granny smith apples, coffee (totally lured in by a sample), coconut flour, puffed kamut, and the only Luna bar flavor I’ve not been able to find in Clarksvegas…
chocolate dipped coconut!

Bulk bin lovin’

Whole wheat pastry flour, thick rolled oats, oat bran (it’s been WAY too long), quinoa, carob chips, and amaranth

Time to chill

Siggi’s (best yogurt on the face of the planet!), Truwhip, and the most amazing cheese dip ever!

Again, I succumbed to the sampling sorcery!

Finally…some quality seafood!

Seriously Clarksville! Can we get a fish market?!

Next up, Trader Joe’s…

I kept it pretty simple…the bare necessities if you will

Garlic aioli mustard, Valencia PB, mango butter, cashews (for more pancake “icing”), tortillas, and pre-cooked tofu

After I got home and had come down off my “wheat grass high,” I pulled out the tofu for a quick mindless meal…

And it was delicious!

The rest of my turnip greens sautรฉed in olive oil with LOTS of onion, garlic, and the ‘fu
with a side of homemade spi-say potato chips!

And of course…it’s a crime against humanity to eat potatoes without ketchup!

Have you ever had a wheat grass shot?

Do you like tofu? What’s your favorite way to eat it?
Love it! And so far, nothing’s beat the PB&J Tofu Sandwich!

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50 Responses to Drunk on Wheat Grass

  1. Did smoothie man take that picture of you? I love it. And you. Duh.
    I’ve been really wanting to try wheatgrass, actually. There’s a neat little cafe that does shots and good smoothies and stuff but I haven’t been brave enough to try yet! That and I haven’t been in there other than picking up food every so often lately ๐Ÿ˜›
    All your grocery loot looks awesome, btw. Ironically, while I was at the store today I found myself in the bar aisle and saw that chocolate dipped coconut. I also saw them on sale for $1. My hand reached into the little box, and…they were all gone. Whaaaaa! I was bummed. But at least I saved $1! I can go buy a double cheese burger or something.
    Oh wait. You can’t even get those with cheese for $1 anymore…darn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ahhh, I love you Jess! You seriously just made me laugh out loud! When I do try it, I will think of you! haha!

      Smoothie man didn’t take the pic, though I’m sure he would’ve if I asked him too (he seemed excited to hear that I have a blog). My friend, aka Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s junkie took the pic for me!

      You not brave enough to try wheatgrass? Why does that sound like a foreign language to me?

  2. Ahhh so many awesome groceries! I’m jealous! (And now I want to go grocery shopping… teehee)

    I’ve never tried wheatgrass! But I’d like to! It looks interesting!

  3. Lindsay says:

    i looooove wheat grass. It really is energizing! The flavor is a bit of an acquired taste but I’ve heard that if you swish it around in your mouth for awhile it’s a natural breath freshener… I’ve heard… ha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I’ve never had a wheatgrass shot before, but I’m very interested to know what it tastes like. I always see them at Jamba Juice. Maybe I’ll try it one of these days…
    I love tofu! My favorite way to eat it is just grilled with brown rice. Although I’m thinking I might need to try it in your favorite way…PB&J Tofu Sandwich.

    • Ohhhhhh, are you going to be the next brave soul?! Please please let me know if you try it! Jessica and I are trying to take over the world one PB&J tofu sandwich at a time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I freaking love wheat grass!! I saw a wheat grass juicer and growing kit on Craigslist that I totally almost bought at one point but it was pretty expensive. I am dyyyyyyyying to try that mango butter… seeing it all over the ‘sphere drives me ca-razy! I love how often you post pictures of yourself, I love to see your pretty face, my dear! xo

    • Haha! Thanks girlie! I know I like it when other blogger’s include photos frequently so I try to do the same!

      Confession: the only reason I bought the mango butter IS because I’ve been seeing it all over blogworld recently! Haha!

  6. I have not had a wheat grass shot, but I want to. Tony has and hated it, but I like the grassy stuff. You got some good eats while out! I need to get to TJ’s so badly! It’s just far enough away to not get there often enough. Oh and I loved tofu, but soy just does mean things to me. It’s a love hate relationship. I hope you have a great night!

  7. I love Wheat Grass Juice too! When I first had it, I had gone with a couple of my girlfriends to a Juice Place. We all challenged each other to drink it. I was the first one and it wasn’t bad! I totally would drink it again!

  8. Veronica says:

    I’ve had it and remember liking it but it was soooo long ago that I really can’t even remember what it tastes like. I wouldn’t say I like tofu, but there are a few recipes that I like that it stars in, such as Heidi’s caramelized tofu over shredded brussels sprouts and her garam masala tofu scramble (I use leeks in place of the fennel and onion–so good!).

  9. katie says:

    oh man- wheat grass shots are HARDCORE!!!!! i love tofu! baking it is my favorite way to eat it ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I oddly really really like the taste of wheatgrass. If it weren’t so expensive I’d drink it every day! I love the last photo of your dinner. Beautiful.

  11. Miri Leigh says:

    I’ve never tried wheatgrass, but now I am intrigued! Thanks for posting.

  12. I’ve never tried wheatgrass before, but now I’m intrigued! I love the fact that you took a picture of the smoothie guy, haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I LOVE fresh wheatgrass… I used to stop by a place downtown all the time to get daily shots! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t miss it as much now that I juice so much, but every now and then… I have powders and frozen but nothing beats fresh!

    I like tofu – my favorite ways to eat it, either marinated and baked or mashed with sriracha and rolled in seaweed – faux sushi! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I love baked tofu! And I really love all your loot too! Never tried wheatgrass… it’s on my to-do list ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Oh proud of you! I’ve tried it once and it was alright but a shot is plenty! I also bought that mango butter form TJ’s the other week, delicious!!

  16. You will love that Luna Bar is amazzzzzing! I’m off to Whole Foods today, can’t wait!

  17. I can’t say that I enjoy wheat grass, but I’ll suck it down when the opportunity arises.

  18. I’ve never tried wheat grass, and I kinda, sorta want to but I’m scared! I heard it’s basically like getting a kick in the butt in terms of energy, and with me already being crazy hyper most of the time, I’m scared I’d start bouncing off the walls.

    I do like tofu tho ๐Ÿ˜€ I used to bake it and eat it savory all the time, but lately I’ve really been loving throwing it into smoothies to make em thicker.

  19. AWWWWW! LOVE WHEATGRASSSSSS!!!! Seriously, I feel so alive after drinking it ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. ah i’m jealous of the siggi’s yogurt! I’ve only been able to find it once and it was the blueberry! I’m dying to try some other kinds.

  21. Jenny says:

    I’m not a huge fan of tofu but I think it’s because I’m a complete dud and don’t know how to prepare it properly.

    I love that mustard! and it makes a MEAN egg salad!

    • GENIUS!! And you know how I love me some eggs!

      I’m still learning to cook tofu too…one thing I’ve learned: pressing it makes a HUGE difference! I’ve only pan fried it and used silken for puddings and smoothies, but I really want to try baking it next!

  22. BrittFit says:

    one of my fav hobbies is stocking the fridge haha. I’ve never tried wheat grass….I should get on that

  23. OMG WHAT A LOOOT U GOT! ehh wnever gotten wheatgrass. .not sure if i ever will to be honest! my fav way to eat tofu is in my asian cheezy sauce.. seriously amazing1

  24. Anna says:

    I wish I could find coconut flour around here! – NOT that I need any more random alternative flours in my kitchen, I already don’t know what to do with the ones I’ve got, haha. I’m super-interested to see what you’ll do with it. And I love how ridiculously cheerful both you and smoothie-man look! Clearly you’re both gettin’ all your vitamins!

    Also, thanks for the advice on the chickpea flour front; I experimented with socca and eventually made a savoury crepe, but I’m gonna try out a couple of the other recipes you linked me too as well. Thanks!

  25. Robyn :) says:

    I have never been brave enough to try a wheat grass shot, but I think I will try one at Jamba Juice in Florida next week ๐Ÿ™‚

    I LOVE Whole Foods. (un)Fortunately it is 2 hours away so I don’t go too often ๐Ÿ™‚ I will have to look for that yogurt. My favorite is Chobani. On my last trip to WF they had samples of edamame dip and it was the bomb!!

    I do like tofu and I find I like it best fried.

    • Mmm, have you ever had the faux fried chicken tofu? I had it once from the WF’s hot bar and it was fantastic!

      Edamame dip?! Sign me up for a pound of that! Between edamame and tofu, I (obviously) have a bit of a soy addiction! Haha!

      Ohhh, let me know what you think of your first wheat grass shot!

  26. OMG the homemade potato chips look amazing. Do you have your recipe for those on here?

    I do love tofu. I like it best in Ma Po, a Chinese dish which I actually featured on my blog a couple days ago.

    Never tried wheatgrass! Not sure if I want to, haha!

    • I don’t have a recipe on the blog since it’s something I play around with every time I make them, but it goes something like this:

      1. Thinly slice a small-medium sized potato (the smaller the slice, the crispier the chip)
      2. Spread evenly on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil and coated with cooking spray.
      3. Coat chips with a light mist of cooking spray and sprinkle with spices (I always use garlic, salt, and pepper, but I experiment with other spices too…this time I used chili powder, but smoked paprika is my fave!)
      4. Pop in a 425 degree oven for about 10 minutes (they should be a nice brown color after this time)
      5. Take out of oven, flip and cook for another 10 minutes…VOILA! Homemade chipage! ๐Ÿ™‚

      And now I’m off to check out your tofu dish!

  27. I’ve only had it once and I like how fresh it tastes! The smoothie man is quite entertaining!

  28. czechvegan says:

    I am interested in trying wheat grass shot, but I havenยดt had the opportunity to realize it yet :))
    I love tofu, it is great in smoothies and puddings. Blended with carob, banana and cinnamon..mmmh!

  29. Jenny says:

    I’ve never had wheat grass before but I’m not sure if it’s a taste I want to indulge in haha

  30. I just bought that mango butter from TJ’s too!! Looove it mixed into greek yogurt, especially TJ’s apricot n’ mango GY!

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