Drunk on Wheat Grass

Hello my little cheese heads! Sounds like a lot of you want in on the strawberry and goat cheese action from yesterday’s post! I assure you they WERE as good as they looked…only next time, I may try doubling the recipe as I had to pair my little cakes with some Greek yogurt to satisfy the beast in da bellay! 😉

So as I alluded to in yesterday’s post, I enjoyed the last part of my weekend in my favorite place within four walls…Trader Joe’s! Well, ok, I may have stopped at Whole Foods first annnnnnnd after spending TWO HOURS in there (and practically carving out my right kidney to pay the cashier), the Trader Joe’s stop was more of an “in-and-out with a purpose”!

While at Whole Foods, I decided to get a little brave…anyone ever tried a wheat grass shot straight up?

Smoothie Man approves!

But does Heather?

Do you really have to ask?

From the looks of my receipt, I’m thinking Smoothie Man must’ve slipped a little sumthin’ sumthin’ into my magical green nectar…you THINK I’m lying about the kidney??

I wish!

Organic granny smith apples, coffee (totally lured in by a sample), coconut flour, puffed kamut, and the only Luna bar flavor I’ve not been able to find in Clarksvegas…
chocolate dipped coconut!

Bulk bin lovin’

Whole wheat pastry flour, thick rolled oats, oat bran (it’s been WAY too long), quinoa, carob chips, and amaranth

Time to chill

Siggi’s (best yogurt on the face of the planet!), Truwhip, and the most amazing cheese dip ever!

Again, I succumbed to the sampling sorcery!

Finally…some quality seafood!

Seriously Clarksville! Can we get a fish market?!

Next up, Trader Joe’s…

I kept it pretty simple…the bare necessities if you will

Garlic aioli mustard, Valencia PB, mango butter, cashews (for more pancake “icing”), tortillas, and pre-cooked tofu

After I got home and had come down off my “wheat grass high,” I pulled out the tofu for a quick mindless meal…

And it was delicious!

The rest of my turnip greens sautéed in olive oil with LOTS of onion, garlic, and the ‘fu
with a side of homemade spi-say potato chips!

And of course…it’s a crime against humanity to eat potatoes without ketchup!

Have you ever had a wheat grass shot?

Do you like tofu? What’s your favorite way to eat it?
Love it! And so far, nothing’s beat the PB&J Tofu Sandwich!

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