Feelin Loungy

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How is everyone’s Saturday shaping up? We <- because I obviously talk about myself in the plural third person (I think it’s a southern thing) started out having some pretty rough storms this morning. Lightning, thunder, raindrops the size of Mac trucks…you know how mother nature rolls (haha! Get it? Like thunder?)!

So, even though the weather DID turn around a few hours ago and the sun finally started to poke out from behind the clouds, I am in full on lounge-mode now!

Even though I SHOULD probably do the dishes…

and make the bed…

and do the laundry…

I’d rather catch up on my favorite blogs

and watch a movie…

Burlesque was awesome by the way!

and indulge in the newest of my strange food combos!

Apricot preserves and garlic mustard…

together for one pretzel bite of deliciousness

Oh, mmm, wow! I just added sunflower seed butter to the mix and it totally rocks!

Yep! I’m perfectly content with carving a dent into the couch cushion in the shape of my rear for the rest of the evening. The chores can wait…that’s why God made the weekend TWO days long! But wait, now I’m all out of pretzels!

Hmm, looks like I’ll have to dig something out of my “presents” that Chelsey sent me for our blogger swap last week!

Mmm…almond brittle dark chocolate!

What are you up to today?

Do you do all the housework on one day or spread it out over the weekend?


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