Feelin Loungy

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How is everyone’s Saturday shaping up? We <- because I obviously talk about myself in the plural third person (I think it’s a southern thing) started out having some pretty rough storms this morning. Lightning, thunder, raindrops the size of Mac trucks…you know how mother nature rolls (haha! Get it? Like thunder?)!

So, even though the weather DID turn around a few hours ago and the sun finally started to poke out from behind the clouds, I am in full on lounge-mode now!

Even though I SHOULD probably do the dishes…

and make the bed…

and do the laundry…

I’d rather catch up on my favorite blogs

and watch a movie…

Burlesque was awesome by the way!

and indulge in the newest of my strange food combos!

Apricot preserves and garlic mustard…

together for one pretzel bite of deliciousness

Oh, mmm, wow! I just added sunflower seed butter to the mix and it totally rocks!

Yep! I’m perfectly content with carving a dent into the couch cushion in the shape of my rear for the rest of the evening. The chores can wait…that’s why God made the weekend TWO days long! But wait, now I’m all out of pretzels!

Hmm, looks like I’ll have to dig something out of my “presents” that Chelsey sent me for our blogger swap last week!

Mmm…almond brittle dark chocolate!

What are you up to today?

Do you do all the housework on one day or spread it out over the weekend?


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18 Responses to Feelin Loungy

  1. I’m awful about procrastinating housework and generally have to do it mostly in one go haha. But we’ll see how that works out when I more of a “house” next year 😉

    those goodies all look delicious! 🙂

  2. Allison says:

    During the school year I usually do housework on Sundays because I’m too exhausted on Friday nights and busy on Saturdays. I love just lounging and relaxing!

  3. I love relaxing/lounge-y days. They’re the best!

    I do housework whenever I procrastinate and don’t want to do school stuff 🙂

  4. If a day starts off rainy/”lounge-y” I have a hard time getting into work mode, too!
    I kind of spread the housework out. A little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit when I don’t feel like doing “that” you know the drill 😉
    Today….a 4 mile run, and then shooting a barrel race and then a schooling show. busy, busy!

  5. I didn’t do any housework this weekend and I’m going out of town today. #fail

  6. I always plan to get all my chores knocked out at once, but it doesn’t usually happen lol. I do a few things, get bored, and then go sit down to watch TV or blog and that’s pretty much the end of my good intentions. It’s usually a lot easier if I start earlier in the morning, though… If I spend too much time lounging, you can bet that basically nothing will get done 😉

  7. I like that you decided to embrace the lounge mode rather than doing your chores! I tend to do that often 😉 But like you said, there are two days in the weekend so you’re all good! I tend to spread my housework out over a few days with lots of chillin’ in between. 🙂

  8. Lee says:

    My kitchen pretty much looks like that on a regular basis. It’s like no matter how often I do the dishes, there are more in the sink.

  9. Missy says:

    Ha Ha! That is too funny – last night I ate Simply Fruit
    Apricot jam on some of those 7 grain Wasa crispbreads sprinkled with BBQ spice and some Salmon spice (love that smoky cedar taste)!! It was so good. Love the way those sweet/tangy flavors merge! I did think of you as I was chowing down 😉
    I have been slack on getting to read blogs lately – I need to go comment on the medical post but it would be a novel so I don’t need to get started. In a nutshell, even though I too work in a hospital, I am convinced half medicines aren’t needed. Don’t want to sound like a wonky conspiracy person, but I know the pharmaceutical companies pay for medical school stuff and they are all in “cahoots”. So docs prescribe what is pushed on them as payback. It is all so complicated and wrong. And people wonder why we have a healthcare crisis – unnecessary tests and meds! See?! Told you not to get me going 😉

    Your sink and bed looks like mine so I am with you on reading fave blogs (you of course and I too love PBJenny!!)

    Have a great Sunday (even though it is SO hot!)

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      That’s ma girl! That salmon seasoning is fantastic! So far, I’ve only had it on steamed veggies and oven roasted potatoes, like you said, that smokey flavor…love it!

      And girl, I know exactly what your saying! I actually had to catch myself when I was typing out the post that my rant didn’t go too long….I may have had to delete a paragraph or TWO!

  10. Well… I spent the morning blogging 😀

    And now I’m caching up on reading my favorite blogs 😉

    And then I’m going to start packing this house up…. sometime… soon…. today…. maybe…

    Enjoy your couch day!!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, your favorite? Moi? 😀

      How’s that Google Reader looking mama? Keeping it under 100 is no small feat!

  11. PB&Jenny says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s me! **blush**. I don’t know if I’ve ever visited your blog and left without a huge smile on my face. You brighten my world! 🙂

    my mornings are always devoted to blogging, as are my evenings usually. It’s my “me” time 🙂


    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, love you too doll! That’s a good plan…I may have to start doing that! I’m all over the place most days! Haha!

  12. Yummy!! oh and girl, I’ll totally come do your dishes for you!! I love doing the dishes so much. I think I might feel the opposite about weekends- I like to be on the go.
    Sunflower seed butter is my #1 I think. (although they’re all #1, really) and that combo really does look quite good. Shall have to try it. I used to think I didn’t like apricots but they’re growing on me.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Done! When can you be here?? Haha! Love apricots, but can you believe I used to hate coconut? It’s unfathomable now!

  13. I definitely do it all in one day, I usually put it off for farrrr to long, and then it becomes a cleaning marathon. By the way your blogger swap package looks amazing! Nut butter & chocolate-all anyone needs : )

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yeah, that is definitely me! Usually what happens is that it all piles up and then late one night I go to make a snack and am overwhelmed with the dishes…I do the dishes and the next thing I know I’m cleaning the entire house…at 11 o’clock at night! Haha!

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