Odd Oats and Gym Talk

Hey hey! How was everyone’s first official day of summer? Not really sure about you guys, but mother nature seems to be a little confused over here in my neck of the woods.


Oh, that is just cruel.

So, since I’m sure you guys are just DYING to know what the solution to last night’s dinner dilemma was, I’ll tell you that I did indeed get some insight from the wise Oreo sage. Ok, ok, so maybe it was blogworld where I found my enlightenment, but the cookies were delicious! Creamsicle Oreos…get on that STAT!

I was craving sweet…

I was craving savory…

Hummus OR oatmeal?

What about both?

Sweet & Savory Oats ala Amanda!

I used Amanda’s recipe for eggy bananafied oats and topped them with cottage cheese, hummus, and blackberry jam.

And if that doesn’t weird you out enough, how about after the pic, I gave the bowl a light dusting of (unphotogenic)nutritional yeast to top it off!

‘Twas delicious!

Speaking of odd combinations, tell me, what do the following things have in common?


Any guesses?

I joined the Y!

I know, I know…I’m the one who dedicated an entire post as to why I prefer to workout at home versus going to a gym, but wait, hear me out!

I’ve gotten bored.

Plain and simple.

I love exercising…wait, no let me rephrase that…I love how I feel AFTER exercising and I love knowing that I am keeping my body fit and healthy by doing so on a regular basis, but if I see one more workout DVD within the next month, I’m going to scream!


And let’s face it, when it’s not raining constantly, it’s 600 degrees outside with 100% humidity!


I needed something to put the spice back into working out.

So Y and I went out on a few “dates”…

I got to know his treadmills…his weight machines…and his pool?

Oh yeah, it’s big enough! 😉

Workout slump? What workout slump?

Now somebody tell me how to find the courage to enter “testosterone-ville” aka the free weight section?

How did you enjoy your first day of summer? Anything fun and exciting?



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