I Be Gyming

Goooood morning Vietnam blogworld! Two more days until the weekend…we’re almost there! Woot woot!

So last night, I went to the gym to do a little cardio before my friend was supposed to meet me for the Total Body Conditioning class. Note to self: the hill climbing program on the treadmill will kick your arse…especially if you’re only used to running on flat surfaces! Holy quadriceps!

Well, my friend had to cancel at the last minute, and while my first thought was just to forego the class and jump on an elliptical or something, I decided “eh, to heck with it” and went to the class alone and I ended up having a lot of fun!

I forgot how much I like “taking out my frustrations” on a punching bag!

“And that’s for that guy that cut me off in traffic…

and THAT’S for…”


Today, I’m going to try a class that they’re demoing called Body Attack…hmm, doesn’t that sound like fun?! No? Well, I do tend to be a bit masochistic when it comes to workouts! Haha!

Help me with something though…I usually have my afternoon snack around 4 0’clockish, but the class isn’t until 6:30 (when I would usually get hungry again)…what’s a good snack that’ll hold me over until dinner without “saying hello” during my workout?

This was my experiment yesterday

1/2 a banana warmed in the microwave and mixed with 2 tablespoons of peanut flour on whole wheat toast.

Delicious buuuuuuuut not so tasty the second time…

or the third… 🙁

I’ve had bad experiences with bananas as preworkout snacks and apparently, using half of one doesn’t make a difference! I need something that will fuel me for about 30 minutes of cardio and then a 45 minute class without weighing me down. Suggestions? I’m all ears!

If you haven’t already, be sure to enter my Flax Sprinkle giveaway!

It’ll run until 10pm tonight!

Until then, I’ll be practicing my shaker skills!

Iiiiiii be jamming gyming, I be jamming gyming!


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18 Responses to I Be Gyming

  1. how about dates ? i’m iffy with preworkout meals too 🙁 dates have worked for me though, with a little peanut flour mix. hope you figure it out!

  2. Try some greek yogurt, granola, and fruit.

  3. elise says:

    you are a freak. love it. i cant eat within an hour before the gym or yeah…no bueno. stupid GI system. so i cant help ya there. i definitely would stay away from all things sloshy though. no cereal. maybe a smaller sized overnight oats?

  4. Ugh figuring out what to eat before exercising is the absolute worst, especially because all the trial and error is so darn uncomfortable. How about dates and almonds? Or some sort of Clif/larabar?

  5. Chelsea says:

    I love having greek yogurt mixed with honey and flax seeds with a few strawberries for dipping pre-workout sometimes 🙂

  6. oh noo…. maybe nix the banana and have the toast + nut butter? or a small spinach smoothie?

    I love the heavy bag. 🙂 makes me feel tough.

  7. When I’m going to be at the gym a while I usually bring along a stuffed date of some sort (usually cashew) and eat it right before my class.
    I’ll eat something small beforehand, most likely a date 🙂 or something light like toast or some fruit, and then right before my class i’ll eat my stuffed date which gives me a second energy boost and keeps away the hunger pangs. It may be small, but I swear it works!

  8. Kelsey says:

    oh sorry it didn’t end up working out!! it does look tasty, though, and I may have to try it as a snack.

    I have a hard time eating much within 1.5-2 hours before I work out. a couple dates and nut butter usually does the trick for me, but I can’t eat a whole lot more. sometimes I put cacoa nibs in the dates, too, for a tiny bit of a caffeine energy jolt before the gym.

    p.s. love your song haha

  9. Body Attack? lordy that sounds scary! rock it girl!!! <3

  10. Um you are adorable I love the shakin’ 😉 I honeslty have a pretty solid stomach so I’m not sure that I can give you any particular recommendations… And when I eat something at least an hour before it’s just about gone by the time I work out. Usually I LOVE bananas so I’m afraid I’m not muc help 🙁
    I do see a lot of people doing dates with pb, which seems like a good compact food so it won’t weigh you down?!

    Go kick some arse girly! :)))

  11. Heather, I want to dance right along with you thanks to those pictures! 🙂

  12. My favorite pre-workout snack is just a banana smeared with nut butter! Simple and light!

  13. Raisins are my go to pre workout snack. Ever tried those? If you have a bit of time before your workout a few almonds would probably help hold you over more.

    Glad you had such a good time at the class! Way to go even by yourself!

  14. I eat bananas a lot before long runs because I feel like they keep me full, but the grossest part is tasting them when you’re running! Sorry, TMI, but it’s true and soooo gross! Maybe try an apple with PB or dates with PB? I think that’s what I’m going to start doing.

  15. now THAT was a super creative use of peanut flour!!

  16. I was going to suggest dates, or greek yogurt, or a banana with pnut butter… but those have already been mentioned. So I would go with dates, or greek yogurt, or a banana with pnut butter!!

    A small handful of nuts/trail mix might do the trick too! I usually can’t eat right before a workout, especially a cardio workout!

  17. Sorry about your barfing, lady! 🙁 Sounds like a stellar combo though, I hope it didn’t sour your tastebuds to it!

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