Friday Fun & Shopping Shenanigans

Thank you guys SO much for all the congratulations on my run yesterday! I’m actually planning to meet up with my friend again tomorrow morning for another one. Cross your fingers that I don’t choke and end up losing all my ego boost! 😉

I had the day off today since I worked my late shift this week…and then I realized that with the holiday coming up, I’ll actually get a FOUR day weekend out of this! Sweet!

My plan for the day was pretty simple…chiropractor, gym, work party at 7pm. Well, after my appointment, I just happened to find myself loitering around TJ Maxx…for over TWO HOURS! I seriously lose myself (and all of my money) in that store!

Wanna see my loot?

Of course you do!

I honestly cannot go in there without heading straight to the home-goods section!

And the blog was very well represented in today’s shopping adventure!

Aren’t these bowls the cutest?!

Hello barginista!

Jessica Simpson flats for…are you ready for this?


Unfortunately none of the above items were on clearance, but at least you know you’re getting a good deal on name brands at TJ Maxx. Plus, I’ve been in serious need of workout clothes lately! I guess I COULD just do laundry more often…


Shopping for new workout clothes is much more fun!

Favorite item:

My first running skirt!

Check out the back!

Isn’t it cute? And it makes my tush look pretty good if I do say so myself! 😉

Speaking of looking good…I noticed something today while getting ready for my work party:

Yes! Finally seeing the effects of my more active lifestyle! Now to work on my calves before fall boot season!

After my shopping shenanigans, I headed to the gym to crack walnuts between my thighs for a 45 minute full body circuit training workout that I threw together in a couple of minutes and finished up with 15 minutes on the arc trainer.


My new favorite piece of cardio equipment!

Party attire

Foodie accessories! 😉

I’ve been wanting to remake Christin’s Cookie Dough Bean Balls for a while now. I’ve been wanting to try them out on my co-workers, but kept chickening out. C’mon, not everybody has the same appreciation that we foodies have for beans in our baked goods! 😉

Well, tonight was definitely the night to make these! I almost forgot I had to bring something along and literally whipped up the entire batch 30 minutes before walking out the door! And guess what…they were a hit! I was surprised by how many compliments I got and loved seeing everybody’s faces when I told them the ingredients!

Well, off to catch some z’s before my run tomorrow! Have a great night!

What’s the best bargain you’ve scored lately?

Any big plans for the holiday weekend?


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