My First 7 Miler & A Recipe

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a great day today…because really, I’d feel a little bad if I were all alone. 😉

Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!

So you guys know how nervous I was about meeting my friend this morning for my first 7 mile run…


Btw, do you follow me on Daily Mile? You really should!

I never knew how much of a difference it made to run with other people! I couldn’t even believe my pace…I must’ve checked my watch a half dozen times! Just Tuesday I ran by myself at a 9:35 pace for 5 miles and that was PUSHING it!

All the factors were definitely in my favor…great weather (65 degrees), a beautiful route, and engaging conversation…the perfect way to start a Thursday if you ask me!

And you know what’s the perfect way to END a Thursday? With a delicious recipe of course! And with perfect timing for the holiday weekend!

Sweet Yogurt Broccoli Salad: (makes 8-10 servings)*

1. Wash and dry broccoli florets and place in a large bowl
2. Combine yogurt and honey in a small bowl, pour over broccoli and stir to mix.
3. Add dried cranberries and granola and stir to combine.

*Measurements are approximate due to my habit of grabbing a “handful of this” and a “handful of that.” Feel free to add more or less to suit your tastes.

You can really do many different variations with this recipe. Don’t have dried cranberries? How about raisins? I liked the addition of the granola which was mostly almonds, but I think pecans would also be a great choice!

I made this dish to take over to my parent’s house last weekend when we had our belated Father’s Day celebration for my dad and it got RAVE reviews!

And it’s even better the next day!

All my runners out there: do you prefer running solo or with a buddy?

What’s your favorite (store-bought or homemade) granola?


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