What I Ate Wednesday: The Early Edition


What’s up everybody? I hope you are all having a great week! I decided instead of doing a regular Tuesday post, I would jump into the WIAW link up party a few hours early! Plus, I just finished dinner and it was so good, I couldn’t wait to share!

Thanks Jenn for putting together one hell of a party each week!
Be sure to get your drool on and check out all of this week’s fabulous link ups!

Pre-Run Snack (5:00am)
Date on the go-go!

Oh yeah, you read that right! 5 A to the M baby!

And I had one of the nicest runs in a while! Who knew the secret to dodging Tennessee humidity was getting up before the sun??

Post Run Chow Time aka Breakfast (7:45am)
Peanut Butter Carob Chip Pancakes

Suuuuuuper simple “recipe”: 2 tablespoons peanut flour, 1 tablespoon wheat germ,
and a teaspoon of vanilla added to a just-add-water pancake mix.

Topped with powdered sugar and carob chips

And, to balance out my kiddie breakfast (’cause you KNOW I also had my gummis)…

Some grown up style crack “juice” in a mug that I pilfered from my parent’s house last weekend!

Lunch (12:45pm)
2 slices whole wheat bread, hummus, spinach, baby heirloom tomatoes, and cucs

and a big JUICY peach!

We were CrAzY busy at the hospital again today…there must be something in the air…quick! Everyone quit breathing!

My breakfast was good, and it held me over until just before noon, but by the time I actually got lunch, I was about to gnaw my own arm off! That sandwich lasted all of about 5 minutes!

Snack (5:00)
Oh Cashew Cookie bar, it has been too long!

And for dinner?

Gi-freakin-normous potato from the farmer’s market


My VERY FIRST homegrown potato!
(don’t hate on his size folks…he’s a big dreamer!)


a few other things


Dinner (8:00)
Broiled portabello topped with sauteed onions and yellow squash (in olive oil/balsamic vinegar) and topped with fresh tomato,

1/2 mutant potato with nooch and ketchup,


Sweet Yogurt Broccoli Slaw
(recipe coming soon)

Camelbak Liter x 3!

So there really should be some sort of celebration…this was my first non-breakfasty (that’s totally a word by the way) dinner in over two weeks! Luckily it was delicious enough that I didn’t even miss my cereal, oats, or French toast!

What’s the best thing you ate today?

What are your summer fruits?
Strawberries, watermelon, and big fat juicy peaches!

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