Anyone ever have one of those days where you are physically present, but wonder where in the world your mind went? Well, I seem to be having one of those summers…apparently my brain is chilling poolside at some resort in Cabo while I’m stuck in this 100 degree 500% humidity we call Hades Tennessee.



Today, I took a look around and realized that my “absence” is starting to catch up with me. Behold the following evidence.

Exhibit A: The GINORMOUS eggplant I just had to have from the farmers market over a week ago

…sad little bugger…

I totally forgot about him! 🙁

Exhibit B: Remember this guy?

Tell me something, how is it that it’s already July and I have failed to even open the box?!

Exhibit C: The icing on the cake if you will.

This would be the salad that I made for lunch the other day. The salad that I placed in the FREEZER after taking 10 minutes to chop all the frickin vegetables for!

Exhibit D: Google Reader Overload!

Hey bloggies, I promise I haven’t forgotten about you guys!

Miss you!

Exhibit E: The fact that the dishwasher has been full of dirty dishes for TWO days and I have yet to put soap in it and start it…and I’m out of spoons…and forks…

Is it running right now?

Of course not!



Well, other than finding even MORE ways to incorporate my BBQ PB&J addiction?…wait, no I had that right


{Peanut butter pancakes layered with BBQ spice spike cottage cheese and topped with FROG preserves}

Hmm, why do I have an Amy Winehouse song in my head now?



Where has the time gone? How in the world did I use to work full time, go to school full time, AND have a life? Who can I pay to come over and make me ice cream? Just what exactly can’t I put BBQ seasoning on?

These are the questions I ask myself on a somewhat daily basis

Well, while I may be mentally check out on many things, there is one thing I don’t have question…

For those of you in blogworld who haven’t heard, the beautiful and talented Susan of The Great Balancing Act was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. As a health care provider, I understand the high costs of medical treatment which is why it warms my heart so much to see our community of bloggers banding together for such a great cause.

Mark your calendars and prepare to bid!

The Great Fundraising Act
July 25, 2011

Now, the only question that is truly important:

What goodies to donate?

Everything-But-Sugar Oatmeal Cookies?


PB&J Hummus Balls and a jar of the infamous FROG?

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