What I Ate in a Hurry

Hey lovelies! I hope you are all having a marvelous week so far! Can you believe it’s already time for another What I Ate Wednesday Party? Well I can’t…but that’s no surprise given my present absent condition! I finally got a chance last night to read your comments on the Pancake Sunday post! Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! You really know how to stroke this girl’s chef ego! And here I was thinking I’d lost my touch! 😉

Anywho! Let’s get this party started shall we?

As always, a big THANK YOU to Jenn of Peas & Crayons for putting on one of the biggest parties in blogworld!

Please…enjoy yourself and drink drool responsibly!

Breakfast (6:30am)
Golden honeydew melon with Kashi Go Lean (I promise it’s in there), 2% plain Chobani, and granola

Black coffee with ma’ vitamins!

FYI: Melons do NOT make the best take-and-go breakfasts! I was running a tad bit late today and had to rush out the door with my melon. Anyone see me? I was the weird girl driving with her knee and slurping on a melon on the interstate!

 Snack (10:30am)
Cinnamon Roll Larabar: One of my (almost forgotten) favorite flavors
Thanks Amanda, you’re the sweetest!

Not gonna lie, this bar was gone in three bites…such is the life of a busy hospital worker!

Lunch (12:30pm)
“Un-salad”, horsey hummus, Barney Butter, and a super juicy peach!

Yeah, remember how I said I was running late? Well, this is what happens when I open up the fridge and just start throwing things in my lunchbox! Lol

And yes, that would be a whole tomato included in my lunch!

No shame!

{Insert GLORIOUS nap right about the time I normally have my afternoon snack}

I was feeling extra tired today, so I decided to take my rest day and have a day of REST!
Best.decision.ever. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body, right?

Snack (6:30pm)
I woke up with the hugest craving for chips and salsa

Since I haven’t bought a bag of chips in I don’t even know how long, I just sliced up two corn tortillas and threw them in the oven for a couple of minutes until nice and crispy. Reminded me of my teenage years when I could AND would polish off a bag of chips and a jar of salsa in a weekend!

‘Twas delicious!

 But what REALLY hit the spot was dinner…

Eggplant, red onion, and black olive pizza with parmesan cheese and fresh basil
on a TJ’s whole wheat crust

The base:



Sheer brillance if I do say so myself!

Dinner (8:30pm)
2 slices pizza and spinach salad with purple bell pepper, tomato, & balsamic vinegar

I’ve been craving pizza for over a month now but every time I thought to make it, I was out of something…cheese, sauce, dough…tonight I had them all…AND I found a use for my sorry looking eggplant!

And the best part about this dinner? It was ready in less than 30 minutes! Made and eaten in enough time so that I could go meet a friend for a game of late night trivia at our local pub brewery.

Water Consumption: 64 ounces 

What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten or done in the car while driving?
I have to say I was pretty talented this morning with my melon munching, but I’d say the thing that tops them all was when I changed clothes one time while I was on my way to work [let it be known that this was in my younger “I am invincible” years…I do not recommend it!]

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