Eighteen Dollars

Hey everybody! I hope you guys are having a marvelous weekend! As I sit here typing this post, it is POURING down with rain outside…and I’m convinced it has nothing to do with precipitation buildup and everything to do with the fact that I took my car to the car wash today.

Oh, the sacrifices I make for our little town of Clarksville!

BEFORE the Persians and Poodles started falling from the sky, it was actually a really nice day. Following my summertime Saturday ritual, I got up early this morning and met my friends at the local farmer’s market. I didn’t really need much. I still have plenty of veggies leftover from last week’s market trip since I’ve been doing a lot of eating out this past week (sacrifices made to have a social life again…geez, at this rate, I’ll be a martyr before Labor Day!).

That being said, I’m not quite sure how I managed to spend my last eighteen dollars before I made it back to my car! Though, I have a few ideas…

It all started with the tempting loaves of bread from the Evawood Bakery booth.

I couldn’t help myself when I saw a new-to-me flavor…Cranberry-Pecan Bread!
C’mon, HOW could I walk away from THAT?!

And as with all the other breads I’ve tried from Evawood, this one did NOT disappoint!

Mysteriously, a soft, doughy, perfectly-glazed cinnamon roll found it’s way into my bag along with the bread.

Then, I ended up haggling my way into nearly 3 POUNDS of okra for $9

Anyone up for some gumbo?? 😉

And I got him to throw in a tomato as well!

Don’t mess with the veggie loving bargainista! 😉

I also picked up a cantaloupe the size of a small child.

Trust me…it’s even bigger than it looks! (that’s what she he said??)

And lastly,

because I’m easily amused…

because I’m a curious kind of foodie…

because I just can’t say no to a cute little melon…

I paid a buck for an “apple melon”

Supposedly, you eat it rind and all just like an apple…haven’t tried it yet, but we’ll see!

What I didn’t wait to try was that big doughy cinnamon roll!

Plain non-fat Greek yogurt, 1/2 a crumbled cinnamon roll, dried cranberries and toasted pecans (and you’re surprised I bought the bread??)

And for lunch?

Cranberry-Pecan bread topped with mashed avocado, banana half moons, local honey, and a dash of cinnamon



What did you do today?

Have you ever tried an “apple melon”?

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