Wake Me Up Before You Go-Gotein!

Hey boos!

Man, you guys REALLY know how to make a girl’s day! Thank you all sooo much for all the sweet comments on yesterday’s Pancake Sunday post!

I swear my head heart is swelling from all the love!

So, I was going to share the recipe for my Coconut Curry Salmon from last week’s WIAW post, but with all the love that’s in the air right now, I’ve changed my mind…and I have a sneaky suspicion that you guys won’t mind one bit…

How about a


Yeah…I know…what recipe??

I figured! 😉

A couple of months ago, the awesome people over at Gotein contacted me about trying their ready-to-use protein packets. Since it’s no secret that I’ve been in the market for a new protein supplement, I JUMPED at the opportunity!

When they first arrived at Casa de Broccoli, I was excited…nervous…skeptical.

You see, after working at a supplement store for FOUR years while in college, I’m now a bit of a protein snob.

Here is my protein supplement criteria:

  1. Good mix-ability
  2. At LEAST 15-20 grams of protein per serving
  3. Short ingredient list WITHOUT the use of sugar substitutes/alcohols
  4. And it HAS to taste GREAT!*
*I mean, c’mon, who want’s to “force” themselves to down a sub par protein supplement?? Not this gal!

Knowing from my research that Gotein boasted 3 out of my 4 requirements, I eagerly began my adventures in taste testing!

All the flavors were mixed with water because in my opinion, if a protein shake is high enough in quality, you won’t have to try to mask the flavor by using milk and/or any other ingredients.

First up, vanilla! Name of the strategy: start out simple.

If you screw up vanilla, then I’m out!

It was PERFECT! Like a lightly sweetened milk…nothing overpowering and no aftertaste at all (ugh, I really hate shakes that leave that fake “sweet” taste in your mouth)!

Then the flavor I was the most skeptical about. I have never had good luck with strawberry flavored shakes…they always tastes so…fake! To my amazement (and excitement), I LOVED this flavor! It tasted just like…

Yes, strawberry Yoo-hoo! I kid you not!
Ohhhh, the memories of my childhood!

And of course, I saved the best for last.

Even though I’m not a huge chocolate fan (I’d take a warm doughy baked good over even your finest chocolate bar any day…so sue me!), chocolate protein shakes are always my favorite! Well, except for this guy…there’s always at least one exception, right?

Laaaaa-huved it!!

I seriously went into this review with an open and non-biased attitude thinking that I’d at least have “ehhh” feelings for one flavor, but as it turns out, the guys over at Gotein know their stuff! I was SUPER impressed with each flavor! Whether I used my shaker cup, a recycled kombucha bottle (don’t tell me you guys don’t reuse those expensive little buggers), or even just a spoon, the mix-ability was amazing! No chalky/gritty texture…no residue left at the bottom…it was just like drinking a pre-made shake!

And now for the good part!

Gotein supplied me with an extra packet of each flavor for one of my lucky readers to try
annnnnnnd Anna threw in a SWEET discount code for $4 off a box if you decide (like me) that these are the best flippin’ things since sliced bread and can’t live without them!


So how do you win some Gotein of your own?

  1. Mandatory: Tell me about your very first experience with protein powder? How was it? Were you hooked…or scarred? Haha!
  2. Additional Entries: Leave a SEPARATE comment for each one you chose:
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Entries will be closed Thursday @ 11:59 CST and the winner will be announced on Friday (August 5, 2011)

Good Luck!

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