Duct Tape Fixes Everything!

Hey hey guys and gals!

I am LOVING reading the stories about your first experiences with protein powders! Sounds like a lot of you had some pretty negative (and hilarious, might I add) first impressions, but hooray for sticking with the experimentation and finding flavors or mix-ins to make it work for you!

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So how about title of this post?

It’s kind of an on-going joke here in the south that we use duct tape to fix everything. Speaking from experience (my old futon was duct taped about a bazillon times before meeting the big wood-whittler in the sky), I have to say that some people are right on the money with their “red-neck engineering”!


Ok, how about a few “visual aides”?


Torn sandal straps?…Duct tape!


Faulty pumbing?…Duct tape!


Misplaced the moving truck?…

Ok, so this one was a bit of a stretch! 😉

For the last few months I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for some problems with my left hip. I’ve mentioned it a few times on Twitter, but I don’t think I’ve really talked about it on the blog, just because it’s kind of one of those “hard to explain/I swear I’m not a hypochondriac” things….ya know what I mean?

It seems that the muscles in my hip (specifically my psoas muscle and iliotibial band) hate me have a hard time learning to relax and after a few months of increasing my activity level, it got to a point where I could barely even walk without a bit of a limp. After weeks of chiropractic therapy, stretching, and massage, the doctor informs me during today’s appointment of a new approach he’d like to take!

The skepticism started when I was told to don the oh so fashionable “patient” ensemble!

Yep, duct tape fixes EVERYTHING!

Ok, ok, so maybe it’s kinesiology tape and not duct tape, but regardless, could I look like a bigger loser?! I mean, I have TAPE…on my leg!

Oh yeah, and then he says, “Now I want you to wear this for five days.”

Um, sure doc, that’s fine…wait, did you say FIVE days?!?!


Supposedly, over the next FIVE days these little magical bands will support the muscles in my hip and possibly help to alleviate the discomfort/stiffness I’ve been dealing with over the past few months.

Until then, you can find me at TJ Maxx…buying up their supply of exercise pants and tights so I don’t get any weird looks at the gym! 😉

Anyone got any totally vain “I can’t believe my doctor is making me do this” horror stories?
I once got a deep cut on my eyeball and had to wear a gauze patch for 24 hours…luckily my mom went into the pharmacy alone to fill my prescription alone and left me in the car to “hide” my Quasimodo looking face from the general public! Haha!

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