What I Ate in San Francisco

Hey hey hey blogger land! Guess what time it is!

It’s hard to believe it’s already Wednesday! No time to waste though, let’s get this party started!

Emilia had some things she had to do yesterday to prep for school next week, so I decided to go on a little adventure…

I took a bus…a train…and ANOTHER bus…and I went to…


Before heading out for the day, I made sure to have something for breakfast that would “stick to my ribs” as my mom used to say.

Stovetop oats with cottage cheese, banana, and some of Emilia’s fabulous homemade granola!

Note to self: Find this cottage cheese back home!

Coffee & Vitamins

Yep, I totally brought my gummies with me to Cali…can’t go a day without my candy!


Luckily Emilia reminded me to grab a few snacks before running out the door to catch the bus, because with all the traveling, there was no time for lunch…

A pear on the train, a carrot-raisin muffin on the city bus, and another pear on the site- seeing bus!

Oh, and did I mention those are homegrown pears? Oh yes…be jealous!

After I finished taking 300+ pictures of the Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate, and Sausalito, I took some advice from my trusty tour guide and dined at the Blue Mermaid for lunch dinner linner?

Not only was this my first time using public transit, but also my very first experience dining alone.

I feel like I’ve hit some sort of milestone…now I just have to go see a movie by myself and my experiment in self-sufficiency will be complete! 😉

I started with a glass of house Chardonnay and some bread and buttah!

Then, upon my tour guide’s advice, I ordered a cup of their award winning
Dungeoness Crab & Corn Chowder

Good job Mr. Tour Guide…good job indeed!

But the star of the show was definitely my entree…

Parmesan Crusted Sea Scallops with a wild rice blend and sauteed greens

Cheesy, buttery, mouth-watering sea scallops!

It’s a good thing I WAS by myself, because I probably would’ve embarrassed any dining companion with my near When Harry Met Sally reaction to this dish!

After my meal, I enjoyed another glass of wine (hey, it was happy hour!) and sat back for a good people watching session. Then, after a quick stop in a shop to purchase a few classic souvenirs, I headed back to the bus station and made my way back to Santa Cruz.

It may have been a long day of traveling (about 8 hours total), but definitely worth the experience! In an upcoming post, I’ll definitely share more pics with you guys, but until then, “travel” on over to Peas & Crayons and check out all the drool-worthy link-ups!

Have you ever dined solo?

Are you a fan of seafood? If so, what’s your favorite surf dish?

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