Don’t Mind Me…I Just Left My Brain in California

Hey guys!

Sorry to tease you with today’s wordlessness. I really wanted to do a full post, but with my crazy schedule this week, there just wasn’t any time!

Not only have I been super busy at work this week, but I SWEAR I have some sort of delayed onset jet lag…like DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) for your brain. Yay! :-/


I felt fine on Saturday, but since I woke up (read, pried myself out of bed) on Sunday morning, I’ve been…well, sucking…for lack of a better word.

I attempted to set my internal alarm clock straight last night and popped a couple of Benedryls at 8:45pm. Worked like a charm they did! Yeah…I was comatose by 9:15pm and when my alarm went off at 5:00am this morning for my workout…

I felt like I’d been hit by a bus.


No more experimenting with over the counter pharmaceuticals! I went ALL day today feeling as if I stayed up all night partying…and I didn’t even have any good stories to tell! 🙁

Tonight, I’m trying again…this time I’m taking the holistic approach:

And if this doesn’t work, I’m gonna need the number to a REALLY good hypnotist…or a plane ticket back to Cali!

Whichever is cheaper 😉

Have you ever struggled with jet lag? What helped you to get back on track?

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