WIAW: The Graveyard Edition

Hey boos!

Hope you are all having a good week! Thank you guys for your caring comments regarding my car accident last night. I’m pretty sore today, but not sore enough to keep me from going to work…

I’m on night shifts until Thanksgiving…because I happen to be the best tech in the world and volunteered to cover while the regular night shift tech goes on vacation…and ok, maybe I like the boost in pay too! 😉

So this week’s edition will give you guys a little peek into what I eat while I’m fighting off zombies working the graves:

Thanks Jenn for being the hostess with the mostest!

You guys be sure to check out all the delicious looking link ups for this week’s party!

This morning, er…this afternoon (2pm) started with my multis and a swig from the almond milk carton.

Hey, don’t tell me you’ve never done it!

Then I sipped on a mug of 1/3 caff coffee while trying to decide what to make for breakfast

Since I couldn’t get Sunday’s pancakes out of my mind, I figured what the heck…I had the time!

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes layered with Greek yogurt, pumpkin butter, and walnuts!

Mmmm! Hit the spot!

Before I jetted off to work, I FINALLY got around to making Jenn’s hash brown breakfast sandwich with jalapeno ranch…only in wrap form along with the other half of my apple leftover from breakfast.

Seriously folks, she wasn’t lying…that sauce is DELICIOUS!

There may or may not have been another mug of coffee involved 😉

Snacktime came around midnight:

It was time for some carrots and…


Mmm, LOVE the sweet taste of kettlecorn!

Around 3am, I started getting hungry for breakfast dinner:

So I added some hot water to my bowl of oats/vanilla protein/cinnamon/cranberries and drizzled it with coconut peanut butter!

Yes, I did in fact eat breakfast THREE times on this day…but if there’s one thing I’ve discovered since working on this shift, it’s that you HAVE to just give your body what it wants…you’re already messing up your internal clock, might as well treat yourself to a little comfort food…and my comfort food happens to be breakfast!

Like you guys didn’t already know that! 😉

Along with my eats for the day, MUCH water and warm decaf green tea (which I like to pretend is caffeinated) was consumed…especially around 4am when the temperature in the hospital always seems to drop about 20 degrees!

Have you ever worked night shift or pulled an all-nighter for some reason?

Do you find you get weird cravings for food when you stay up really late?

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