Does anyone happen to have a bandaid?

Like a really REALLY big one?

Or maybe just a can of red spray paint…

Because obviously, my girl Vickie has a target on her!

Remember this?

Exactly 7 months and 7 days ago Vickie was assaulted by a Chevy Silverado.

Tonight, she had an encounter with a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I swear I’m not a horrible driver. Before this year, my last accident was like 5 years ago!

Besides some minor bruising from the seatbelt and a bit of a stiff back, I’m ok. And Vickie is still drivable, but if you notice in the last picture from tonight, the back door is stuck open…so hopefully I can get her to the doctor body shop soon and get her bandaged up!

I was lucky. It could’ve been worse. And I’m so grateful to have had some of the best responders in Clarksville come to my aide.

Have a good night and please, always remember to wear your seatbelt!

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