Marvelous Ma-litteration

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Be sure to head on over to Katie’s blog and see how everyone else’s was!

I have to admit, mine got off to a pretty rough start, but thankfully I’m the type of person who can see the positives in things…well, after I get a good #%@& session in, anyways.

But I think it was justified after this juxtaposition…

ElviraI know…AGAIN?!

I’m seriously beginning to think there is a target on my back! πŸ™

Allow me to paint the picture for you…

It’s 7am…I just got off work…I’m sitting at an intersection right outside the hospital waiting to make a left turn…there’s a car directly across from me waiting to turn left as well…it’s rainy and traffic is steady…it looks like I might be there for a while…


Across the street car decides that he will make his left hand turn…nevermind the fact that a CAR IS COMING DOWN THE HIGHWAY!!


First, the car hits him…then she spins out of control, sliding sideways across the intersection…I see her coming straight at me, but there is no time!

Elvira Broken Heart

My melancholy mistress.Β 

Luckily, she had lost most of her moment as she was sliding across the street, but it did end up doing enough damage to my tire/wheel that the car was un-driveable. But you wanna know the silver lining?

Remember back a few months ago when Elvira had some bad luck involving a decrepit tow truck? Well, the front bumper was left a total mess after that (honestly it looked like she’d been attacked my an army of metal-eating rodents)…


Well, guess who’s getting a NEW front bumper?! πŸ˜‰

Also, I just have to say that I have one of the BEST insurance agents out there! I called him as soon as the accident happened and he got to work setting up everything I needed to get a rental and even drove to the scene and picked me up! He took me back to his office, filed the claim for me (as I sat in a chair in a zombie-like stupor), and then drove me across town to pick up the rental car!


A Chevy Captiva.

Don’t let that snazzy silver finish mislead you…she’s really just a glorified golf cart!



She comes with FREE satellite radio!!!

Oh, and another good thing?


She gets REALLY good gas mileage!

Which is GREAT when you hit the road Thursday afternoon, meet up with the man-friend and a few hours later find yourself in the company of some great Atlanta bloggers and a hot and spicy dinner!


I was fortunate enough to be included in the Atlanta blogger meet up with Lee, Heather, Alayna, Stacy, and LAURA on Thursday night at Desta, a local Ethiopian restaurant.

The man-friend and I arrived a bit late, but were able to catch the girls about halfway through their meal. We both ordered the vegetarian sampler plate and everything (though I have no idea what most of it was) was absolutely delicious! πŸ˜‰

It was so so great to meet all these wonderful ladies…great conversation, a bunch of laughs, and just theΒ beginning to a



Frolicking in furniture slash food photography fun land…

Buford Farmers Market

Being captivated by the culinary contraptions of other countries…

Farmers Market Samples

Savoring samples of sweet, sour, and spicy…

Atlanta Food

And diving headfirst into some of the most dreamy and desirable dishes!

Which you’ll just have to wait until Wednesday to witness!

Ok, I’m gonna stop now before one of you reaches through the screen and slaps me! πŸ˜‰

What was the most marvelous moment in your weekend?
Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Lol

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