Food is Love

Hey hey hey!

Can you believe the week is half over? Or more importantly, can you believe there’s only 12 more days until Christmas?!

And guess who STILL hasn’t started shopping!


I may not be on the bandwagon with all the other elves, but one thing I AM excited about?

Oh yeah! Time for another What I Ate Wednesday put on by the ever so lovely Jenn of Peas and Crayons.

Be sure to head over to P&C and show your WIAW appreciation!

My morning started with an apple in the light of a neon moon…or the refrigerator…who knows, it was 5:30am and I was half asleep, BUTTTTT I am happy to say that after lying in bed and debating for about 30 minutes on whether or not I was going to get up to workout, I made it to the gym!

I may have been yawning throughout most of my upper body circuit, but by the end of it and then a little date with the arc trainer, I was one sweaty mess!

Once I got home and cleaned up, I dove head first into my latest obsession:

Plain Greek yogurt topped with peanut flour and strawberry jam!

Yeah, pretty sure I’ve had this at least once every couple of days for the last week and I’m STILL not tired of it!

There was also some TJ’s Sumatra Blend organic coffee (best bold roast ever) while I hummed the words to the song printed on my cute little Christmas mug.

Lunch was a beast…

A SALAD beast that is!

Baby spinach topped with shredded carrots, orange bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, and a crumbled Millet-Black Bean Burger (don’t forget to enter my giveaway!) topped with some balsamic vinegar straight up.

And then two little “cuties” just happened to jump into my hand! 😉

Snack-time came a few hours later and while my co-workers were popping chocolate covered cherries like it was their jobs, I indulged in my own little “dessert” without the sugar crash!

And finally, after a seemingly never-ending 10 hour shift at the hospital, I came home to some fantastic leftovers…

Homemade pot roast with root veggies, biscuits and gravy!

I surprised BB with a good home-cooked meal Monday night since I had the day off and decided to make my mom’s recipe for roast with all the fixin’s…well, that is if you call throwing a slab of meat in a cooker with handfuls of veggies and broth a recipe…

What can I say, when I care about someone, I cook for them…I guess it’s part of my love language! 😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have a pineapple upside down cake to make for the guys at work tomorrow!

Water count: 64 ounces <- I know I can do better!

Do you enjoy cooking for others?

Do you know your love language?
If not, take this quiz to find out! I read the book a couple of years ago and I think it’s helpful for anyone…even you singletons out there…because it’s helps us to understand what we need to look for in relationships and why.

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