Warning: Food Was Harmed in the Making of this WIAW

Happy Wednesday everybody…we’re only that much closer to the weekend!

And you know what time it is!

Be sure to head on over to Peas & Crayons and show some love to our hostess Jenn for another fabulous WIAW!

I feel this post should come with some kind of warning…or maybe I need to come with some sort of warning!

Caution: Highly accident-prone, wear protective gear and keep alert while entering subject’s presence

For example, doesn’t this breakfast look delicious?

Puffed millet, black cherry Chobani, Dulce de Leche Cheerios, banana, and topped with Emerald’s cinnamon sugar nut mix

And this picture was taken about 5 minutes before it went crashing to the floor!

LUCKILY, I only lost the top 1/3 and was able to salvage the rest, but of course it only happened because I was running late to work.

I also had a cup of un-pictured black coffee that I took to go (obviously due to lateness) that was so gracious to start leaking mid-drive and resulted in nice little brown spots down the front of my scrub top…

It’s all about the contrasting colors, I hear it’s all the rage in the fashion world in the UK!
UK readers will remain silent if they know what’s good for them. 😉

A couple hours later, I had one of my favorite bars for a midmorning snack:

I swear it taste JUST like those Oreos covered in white chocolate!

We were really busy at the hospital on Monday and didn’t get to eat lunch until an hour later than usual…which definitely had me grateful that I had that bar on hand.

Mixed greens, sprouts, portobello mushrooms and carrots topped with this dressing


Leftover Seafood Gumbo!

On my way home from work I munched on an apple.

And then I made use of the amazing weather we were having and was off for an impromtu run!

First bit of cardio I’ve done in a week and a half thanks to the LiveFit Trainer and I could DEFINITELY tell a difference…not my best time, but at least it was more enjoyable than this one!

After I got in and got cleaned up, I heated up some of the leftover pizza from this weekend:

I have to say I was a bit sad to see these last two slices go

Let’s take a look at that glorious pie one more time:

I raise my colorful pizza flag in honor of the last WIAW post for Veggie Month! 😉

After a relaxing night of movie watching (this one in particular) and fingernail painting, there was a bit of a massacre…

A chocolate massacre to be more precise.

3 piece of Godiva chocolate were brutally murdered between the hours of 8 and 9pm…along with a glass of unsweetened almond milk.

Please pause for a moment of silence in memory of our fallen comrades…

But man, were they DELICIOUS!! 😉

Any accident-prone, lateness-induced, food-flying instances in your life lately?

What’s the best thing you ate today?


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19 Responses to Warning: Food Was Harmed in the Making of this WIAW

  1. That pizza sure looks gorgeous! And extremely jealous of your Godiva chocolates! I love these kind of boxes because you don’t know what type of chocolate you’re going to get!

  2. If there isn’t food on my floor after I cook a meal then something’s wrong! I am always dropping things! The pup likes it! We always say “clean up in aisle Delilah!” and she comes running!

    Oh and in one week I managed to drop a pizza in the oven then the next day spill a tray of veggies. The cheese is still baked on. Matt keeps forgetting to clean it. Haha. I just ignore it 🙂

  3. katie says:

    I need to make a parfait again! I think tomorrow that will be my breakfast! I am glad it was saved with the mishap!

    LOVE the soup, looks amazing!!!

    Happy Wednesday!! <3

  4. I hate when things fall over! Ugh, tears are almost shed.
    And only 3 pieces of Godiva? You have some serious willpower. I could take down 1/2 box if in the right condition.
    Looks delicious!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Pretty sure I would’ve slipped into a diabetic coma if I had eaten one more…I’m a light-weight when it comes to sweets! Haha

  5. That pizza looks amazing! Is that avocado? Brilliant.

  6. Casey says:

    That pizza looks delicious….the colors make it almost too pretty and you don’t want to eat it….yeah right:)

  7. i’ve only eaten breakfast so far today, but it WAS pretty great! overnight oats with very cherry berry blend in them.

    want to come over and make pizza for me for dinner tonight? please???

  8. janetha says:

    ahhhh delicious food overload!

  9. Your pizza is delicious looking – I’d be sad that it was gone too! At least it was breakfast and not the pizza that crashed to the floor 😉

  10. The accidents with food while running around are a great way to describe me all the time lately. I wear most of what I eat since I’m charging from one place to the other while shoveling food in my mouth. I hate eating that way, but this girl has to eat! Your eats looks delicious!

  11. Sweet balls of goodness, I’m drooling over that pizza!!!! It looks so freaking good! Way to go on the run!!!!

  12. You poor thing! That’s sad about your breakfast!! At least you were able to save some of it!

    Your pizza looks SO good!!! Oh my gosh.

  13. Oh my GOLL, girl…all those photos are makin my mouth water.

    And I am accident-prone on a daily (hourly?) basis. I usually just scrape it up and keep on truckin’. 🙂

  14. Your breakfast DOES look good! Black cherry Chobani is my favourite! I would have been so bummed about it dropping. That’s totally something I would do though. 😛 The other day I dropped my travel mug of tea and the lid went flying open and it spilled all over my living room floor. Ugh!

  15. That breakfast does indeed look amazing… very pretty and neat!

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