Pretzel Crack & Other Things

Hey guys!

I don’t have long, BB and I are about to head out for our new weekly tradition with a couple of our friends…

Thursday Trivia Night!

They have it at our local Mexican restaurant. If you win first or second place, you get a gift card to the restaurant…and well, if you come in 6th out of 8 teams like we did last week, you get to kick yourself in the rear over each and every question you answered incorrectly.

Before I get on to explaining the title of this post, I’d like to take a minute and welcome any new readers that have come over from Be @ Home! Hey guys! 🙂

For my regular readers, Be @ Home is a home decor blog where you can find just about ANYTHING to fit your tastes…design tips, crafting projects, you name it…if you’ve never heard about it, you totally need to check it out!

I also want to say a BIG thank you to Jennifer for featuring me on The Best of the Web…I am truly honored! 🙂

So, I’m kinda looking forward to Thursdays lately…not just because tomorrow is Friday, and not just for trivia night, but it always seems that by Thursday of each week, I just can’t wait to share something with you guys 🙂

Let’s see what made the list this week!


Am I the only one who gets a little trigger happy after clicking “buy” for the first time?

I swear I only got on iTunes yesterday to download the Phoenix and The Black Keys songs. One hour and twenty mouse clicks later…

Oh and that last song?

I like a pretty wide variety of music, but I would never really consider myself a “country music fan”…

I know, I live next to the country music capital of the world…it should be illegal, right?

But you have GOT to hear these ladies sing!

Pretty catchy, right? Yeah, I’ve been humming it for over 24 hours now! Lol


Over the weekend, while playing some pool with my rockstar boyfriend and his friends, I posted this on Instagram:

Cinnamon-flavored crack sticks! Seriously people…you can’t have just one handful!

Little did I know a certain Insta-ninja started scheming a plan after seeing that pic and these babies showed up on my doorstep yesterday!

Not one, but TWO containers!

Of which I promptly began quality assurance testing…

Yeah, by the looks of the dent I made in that container on the left, I’d say these will last oh about…a month!


While listening to all my new tuneage that I virtually emptied my wallet on, I turned my attention to something a little more thrifty:

What do you guys think of my new desktop background?

Nothing like FREE photo editing!

I’ve used the free version of Picnik for a while now to enhance some of the pictures I post on the blog, but did you know that come middle of April, Picnik will be no more?

Yeah, yeah, yeah….so sad.

Butttttttttt, did you know that until then, all the “premium fonts/effects/other really cool stuff” that you used to have to pay to use is now…

 Totally FREE!?!?

Go forth into the wonderful world of FREE picniking…edit till your little heart’s content!

Just be warned…

It’s easy to get a little carried away! 😉

What is your favorite band?

What was the last thing you received in the mail that WASN’T a bill or junk?

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