A Celebration for Condoms


Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Be sure to head on over to Peas & Crayons and thank our ever gracious host, Jenn! And if you’d like a chance to showcase your delicious meals during our weekly party, click here for the info!

Now, back to my Freudian slip…I’ve got a little story to share with you guys…and I promise that at this exact moment, I am not under the influence of mind altering drugs 😉


In December of 1984, there was born a child who would grow up to be the best dipper, sprinkler, slatherer who ever lived. Her name was Heather, and little did she know as she was growing up in diapers, eating bland oatmeal and simplistic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, that she would have a destiny set before her…a very delicious destiny…all involving the correct ratio of shakes, squirts and spoonfuls of everyday condiments found at the local supermarket.

Of course that destiny was long awaited…

It took many years of dabbling in ketchup and mustard until the day she discovered more…I’m speaking of the enlightenment gained upon finding blogworld…where her eyes were opened to new possibilities and the hope of tastier (albeit sometimes odd) meals.

In the past, she would settle for a boring bowl of cereal for breakfast…or on occasion she might whip up a couple of scrambled eggs (perfect yolks were never her forte).

But plain ol’ bowls of cereal are now a thing of the past:

Especially lately with the 30+ containers of Chobani yogurt in her fridge!

So what transformed this breakfast into a bowl of deliciousness?

{Avocado} + Cinnamon + Apple Butter

Don’t fight the curiosity people…avocado is like butter and mixed with the right things can most assuredly tickle your sweet taste buds! 😉

But believe me, the experimentation of flavors does not stop there…

Why have just a steak and some steamed vegetables?

Boring steak and veggies are no more…how about a juicy, mouthwatering steak and some cheezy vegetables that make you want to lick your plate clean?

Steak Sauce + Nutritional Yeast + Red Wine

The sirloin was simply marinated in a red wine and a bit of salt and pepper, then grilled in a skillet and topped with mushrooms and onions that were sauteed in some of the leftover wine and then topped with steak sauce. The veggies were sprinkled with buried in nutritional yeast after the picture (because let’s face it, nooch is not the most photogenic).

Now meal time isn’t the only time to showcase a love of condiments.
Take this plate of raw mushrooms for instance:

Not too appealing, is it?

Looks like it needs a bit of zip…something that will make you forget that you are all out of pretzel sticks…

Pretzels? What pretzels?

For the record, TJ’s hot & sweet is no longer a contender in the spicy mustard world…the jalapeno one takes the cake…or the pepper…you know what I mean!

Of course, dinner is where the most fun usually happens:

Salad….burger, meet

Ranch dressing, yogurt, salsa, and the most flavorful combination of spices you’ll ever get in one bottle…I am the self-proclaimed president of the Mrs. Dash fan club…if there was one 😉

The thing I love most about condiments is versatility. Don’t let the title of topping, spread, or dip stop you…sometimes the best way to use them is IN the dish!

But you’ll just have to wait for that recipe until tomorrow! 😉

What is your favorite condiment/favorite way to use condiments?

What’s the best thing you ate today?

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