I’ve Got Good News & Bad News

So which do you want first?

The way I like to do it, is give me the bad news first…then end on a happy note. Work for you guys? Of course it does!

Bad News?

Last night, after heading to bed around 10:30pm, I had the worst case of insomnia ever…and that was even AFTER I took something to help knock me out for the night. I just could not find a position that was comfortable for my back. I FINALLY ended up falling asleep on the couch around…are you ready for this…4:30am!

Good News?

I had one of the most amazing midnight…er, 1am snacks EVER…

Plain Chobani topped with carob powder, crumbled graham cracker cookies and mini marshmallows. I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how amazing this combo was!

I honed in on my artistic abilities on my new favorite app Draw Something…
If you play, look me up (kissmybroccoli)

C’mon, you can’t tell me that isn’t ELTON John! 😉

And finally, I got caught up on some of my favorite blogs!

Bad News?

I was forced to model some highly UNfashionable attire at the orthopedic’s office

No joke, they totally stood up on their own!

I’d like to think this would be similar to what MC Hammer would wear during the summer.

STOP…Hammer time!

Good News?

The photo shoot went nicely…and I even got some 5×7’s and wallets for myself 😉

It’s totally different being on THIS side of the imaging process!

Bad News?

I’m broken…

Well, not technically, but the doctor pointed out a few things from the x-rays.

The one on the left shows some spondyloysis at the level of my 5th lumbar vertebra. The doctor explained that this could be something I’ve had for years, but it is sometimes caused by stress fractures. I asked him if it could’ve happened while running and he said it was a possibility…which, I’ll admit is a little scary to think about, but he didn’t seem too concerned.

The other image shows the temporary abnormal curvature of my spine. Now, I’m not the best artist (refer to stickman example above) but the yellow line is supposed to represent the way my back SHOULD curve. The only reason it is as straight as it is is due to muscle spasms/tightness in my lower back.

Oh yeah, and I can’t go back to work for a week…I’m gonna go crazy!

Good News?

The doc introduced me to some new “friends”:

Meet Mr. Anti-Inflammatory, Mr. Muscle Relaxer, and Mr. Pain Killer

As someone who rarely takes anything for a headache, I’m a little nervous about my new gang, but at least they’ll keep the crazy down to a minimum.

And even though I had to wait an entire HOUR to get the prescriptions filled, I did hobble around a few aisles and found some simple pleasures:

Since I was a teenager, I’ve always gotten excited about new makeup…and I picked up the facial cleansing wipes so I don’t have to practically take a shower when washing my face at night (kinda can’t bend over the sink…womp, womp!)

Bad News?

The doc also ordered for me to undergo 4 weeks of PT. What? You don’t think that’s so bad? You DO know what that abbreviation stands for, right?

P.T. = Probable Torture!

I’ve done it before, they may make me better in then end, but I swear it’s just a mix of techniques to see how long before you cry out for your mommy! 😉

Good News?

Someone cancelled their appointment for tomorrow, so I was able to get in even sooner!

All I have to do is finish filling out this paperwork before tomorrow at 11am…must they REALLY ask about my sex life? Lol

And with that, I am already starting to feel Mr. Painkiller that I took a couple of hours ago…

Nighty night!

Is it easy for you to follow doctor’s orders and stay put or are you like me and get a case of ants in the pants?
Now I know how my mom always felt when we were little and she got sick…I feel so useless!

Gimme your best yogurt comination!
C’mon, you guys KNOW I need at least a few ideas! 😉


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