Kale, Sprinkles, and Celebrity Look-Alikes

Hey guys!

I am so excited to see how many of you have jumped on the Incredible Greens coupon and grabbed up a container so you can greenify your own eats…just so everyone knows, Jonathan is willing to let the coupon run for a week, but if anyone needs longer, just shoot me a quick email (kissmybroccoli [at] gmail [dot] com) and maybe we can work something out.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of my “Thursday Things” posts and since there’s definitely been some THINGS I’ve been loving this week, I thought it only made sense (and helped with alliteration purposes) to share them with you today!

Remember my lunch from my WIAW post?

Well, how about I’ve eaten the same exact thing for lunch for the past three days and have not regretted it ONE bit?

On Wednesday, I decided throw a few extras into my massaged kale salad…I kept the orange muscat vinegar as my “dressing” and the carrots, but added dried cranberries and candied ginger!

And today, I swapped out the candied ginger for ground ginger whisked into the vinegar and added a few orange segments.

I cannot get enough of this salad lately and paired with a cold baked sweet potato covered in Greek yogurt and granola? Who could blame me for repeating the same meal 3 days in a row?

Especially when it’s THIS granola!

Yep, when I was rearranging my pantry last weekend, I totally found an UNOPENED bag of my favorite Love Grown granola…I may or may not have felt like I won the lottery and did a little happy dance. 😉

Another thing worth happy dancing about?

Greek yogurt dessert!

Who says your yogurt has to be FROZEN to top it in shredded coconut, cookie crumbs, sprinkles…

And maybe a little Stevia-sweetened cocoa drizzle?

Better yet, you says you can’t have it for BREAKFAST?

Because that’s exactly what I did this morning! 🙂

What else did I do this morning?

Totally failed at getting up early and getting to the gym…but I DID manage to get in 2 more chapters of The Hunger Games before work!

Yep, I totally caved…and I’m so glad I did!

I’m hoping I can finish it by tomorrow so maybe BB and I can catch a matinee over the weekend!

Anther highlight to my day?

Being told by a patient that I resemble Heather Graham!

I’ll take that compliment any day!

Have you read The Hunger Games or seen the movie?

Who have you been told is your celebrity look-alike?

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